The star rating system in kvCORE is an extra layer of organization you can use to sort out your Smart CRM at a glance, this is also known as the "kvCORE Predictive Score".

By rating contacts, you can rank them by quality or importance, which will help you quickly see what needs the most attention. It can also help you notice when poor quality leads suddenly become high quality which is equally important! If you saw that a lowly-rated lead suddenly saved a listing or started interacting with your site, it could be an indicator for a lead that is now ready to buy or sell, where they were not before.

In your Smart CRM, when viewing contacts, you can quickly see and change the star rating.

If you open a contact record by clicking on their name, you can see and change the star rating from the control panel on the left side.

kvCORE will rate your contacts automatically with what InsideRE calls Lead Validation. An initial rating will be given based on the lead validation information that's collected. While kvCORE will rate your new leads initially, you should continue to maintain a rating that makes objective sense, as you work with them.

Please Note: Once you rate a contact manually, it will not be automatically rated again.

Automatic Ratings from kvCORE

Scenario #1: The Contact is Added to the System With a Physical Address

If the contact has a valid home address according to InsideRE's third party: +1 🌟

If the length of residence is listed as 1-3 years: +1 🌟

If the length of residence is listed as 3-8 years: +2 🌟🌟

If the last listed purchase price is below the estimate: +1 🌟

If the contact came in with a physical address and has an email address: +1 🌟

Scenario #2: The Contact is Added to the System with No Physical Address

If there is no physical address but there is a phone number or email address: +1 🌟 for each

If the contact views at least 3 properties: +1 🌟

Any communication to the Agent (e.g. messaging the Agent via the website): +2 🌟

Scenario #3: The Lead is Already in the CRM & The Lead’s Star Rating is Automatically Updated on a Weekly Basis

If the most recent communication was >7 days ago: -1 🌟πŸ˜₯

If the contact has viewed any properties (not just in the last 7 days): +1 🌟

If there has been both a property view + communication in the last 7 days: +2 🌟🌟

Please Note: Automatic ratings will cease once you have manually rated a contact via the Smart CRM or the contact profile.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a contact who came in with a physical address and an email address. Why didn't it get another star?

Check to make sure the email address does not contain any errors. One example would be vs You'll want to ensure there are no typos!

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