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[kvCORE] Search Alerts Overview
[kvCORE] Search Alerts Overview
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A Search Alert is an automated email sent from kvCORE that contains properties of interest for a specific contact. Search Alerts will send all newly listed properties, and properties that have been reduced in price or gone off-market that match the search criteria set, in an email. This makes Search Alerts a complete and simple automatic email that your contacts will look forward to in order to keep up with their chosen search or market.

You can also pre-configure searches to be automatically assigned to leads with specific hashtags.

You can see at a glance if any alerts are configured for your contact from their summary on the right-hand side, after opening their details page.

How to Create Search Alerts

Open the contact you want to set search alerts up for, and click on the 'Alerts' tab at the top of their detail page.

The Alerts Control Panel/Overview

  1. Alert 1 & 2 - You may set up two unique alerts per contact. The separation is intended for hugely different sets of criteria. For example, a contact looking for Single Family and Commercial listings, or Commercial and Land, would use two separate criteria sets. If a contact was looking for Townhomes, Houses, and Condos you could likely fit all three of those property types into a single alert.

  2. Edit - Click this to change the alert criteria. (See below for instructions.)

  3. Active Switch - This enables or disables the alert. Use this switch to turn off alerts in lieu of unsubscribing the contact.

  4. Summary - This is the contact's summary of their known information and profile. It's based on what they view on your kvCORE site, not what criteria are set for them.

  5. Recent Results - These are some of the properties that match the criteria you have configured and either have been sent or will be sent in the next update. Only the most recent 6 are shown. Clicking 'see all' will open a link to ALL of the properties that match the configured alert criteria. If you set your criteria and no recent results display, there are two possibilities. Either there really are no matches, or the criteria you configured does not work. This is commonly caused by specifying an impossible combination of options. Triple check your criteria for errors; the options must all agree with each other. A home cannot simultaneously be 'French' and 'Mediterranean', for example.

  6. Send Recent Results - You may choose from a few options to send the recent results list. The link sent or copied will contain only the 6 listings you see in recent results. When choosing to email or text, be sure to edit the message before sending and not the link:

How to Set Up New Search Alert Criteria

Please Note: If you're editing a Search Alert you've already created, simply click 'Edit' as shown above.

1. Click 'Alerts' from the top of the contact profile.

2. Criteria

Areas - Areas are defined in the MLS and queried when you type into this field.

The Area types are listed with the name of the area that matches as you type. In many cases both a neighborhood and a city and a county/parish can have the same name, so choose carefully.

Please Note: You can add additional areas by clicking into the Area box once again and selecting another area. You can remove an area by selecting the little 'x' to the right of the area name.

Draw On Map - Beneath the area selection you'll see the 'Draw On Map' button in blue, as an alternative to restricting your area to MLS Area Names, it might make more sense to draw out the area on a map. Click the green 'Draw Area' button, then click consecutively to draw a polygon shape on the map until you trace back to your first click.

Please Note: You may only choose an area OR draw on the map. You may not specify both.

Listing Types - All of the listing types available from your MLS will be selectable here unless a specific type has been excluded in your website settings. If you don't choose any listing type, then kvCORE will automatically select 'Single Family, Condos, & Townhouse for you.

Keywords - Keywords are an advanced search function that finds and uses the data fields from your MLS. If you're looking for a very particular field that is not in the standard options list or found in the rest of the criteria on this form, then keywords will solve that problem.

You probably already have in mind what exact filter you want to set here. It might be a particular style of house, or ventilation system, or some other specific variable. Before you can choose that specific variable, you must first select the field that variable is grouped into. Then, after the appropriate field is selected, the system will show you the possible options from what it can see of all the active listings currently in your MLS.

Please Note: These fields are pulled directly from your MLS.

To add more keywords, simply click the green 'Add Keyword' button to add another field/value pair row.

If you do not know offhand what group a variable, like 'Cottage', is grouped under you can simply go to your kvCORE website and attempt to perform a search. Go to the 'Filters' and click 'More Options', and search for that variable in the Keywords field.

The group that the keyword falls under will come right before it, and is separated by an equal sign.

Please Note: All options are additive. Meaning, that they are this AND that AND whatever else. So, if you add two keywords that conflict with each other, your criteria will not return any results.

Options - These options are standardized across all MLS' on kvCORE. They include common items such as Garage Capacity, Stories, Pet Policy, Short Sales, Reduced in Price, etc. In many cases, you will more quickly find what you are looking for in options as opposed to digging through keywords, so consider browsing that list first.

Beds, Baths, Ranges for Price, SqFt, Acres, and Year Built - These fields are all manual entries. Select or type in the numbers for the ranges you want.

Frequency - Select how often you want to send out search alerts to this contact. The exact time the alerts are sent will vary from one MLS to the next.

Email CC - You do not need to CC yourself to get a copy of Search Alerts. These are automatically stored for you within each contact timeline.

Save & Send - Save the criteria and send out the first Search Alert right away. If you selected a longer frequency such as weekly, the system will send it out every 7 days after that first email is sent.

Save & Do Not Send - This will save your criteria and leave it to the system to select when to send the first email. It will send the first email within the specified frequency (for example, daily will send within the next 24 hours) and then consistently send at the correct interval after the first email is sent.

Automatically Generated Search Alerts

However a contact is added to kvCORE, be it from following an advertisement to being imported from a file, or if you manually added them yourself, they are all subject to the same rule for automatically generated Search Alerts.

A Search Alert will be created automatically for your new contact if:

  • If there is no search alert already configured.

  • If the contact has logged into your kvCORE website and viewed a property.

If both of those conditions are met then kvCORE will create an alert automatically based on the property/properties they viewed within 24-48 hours after the lead was created.

When this occurs, kvCORE will email your contact informing them that they are now set up on an automated email:

Hi, It's [agent name] again. Our system set up an alert which will send you new properties in [area] between [min price] and [max price] having at least [beds] beds and [baths] baths. If you'd like to change the criteria for these alerts, [click here link].

The criteria it selects automatically are generated from averages based on the home(s) they looked at. You can of course edit the alert at any time!

How to Add Search Alerts to Contacts Automatically with Hashtags

If you are running ads via Squeeze Pages or Landing Pages, and are leveraging hashtags, one very simple solution is to connect those hashtags for those ads to pre-built Search Alerts that can be automatically assigned as soon as those new leads are filed into your kvCORE Smart CRM. This means that you will want to use different hashtags for your different advertisements that cover specific areas.

Where to Find Hashtag Search Alerts

First, open the Marketing tab from the main navigation.

Then, click on 'Learn More' in the 'Search Alerts' tile.

Scroll down to the 'Auto Assigned Search Alerts' section.

How to Configure Auto-Assignment via Hashtags

Click on the green '+ Create Alert' button.

There are three basic steps to configuring the alert:

1. Global Settings

  • Hashtags - Choose a Hashtag that the alert will connect to. Alerts will be set up automatically for all contacts with that hashtag.

    • Please Note: This is not retroactive and will not apply to all contacts with the hashtag.

  • Scope - Choose the scope that this rule will apply to. ALL contacts within the selected scope will be affected. For example, if an Office Admin sets the scope to their Office, all of the contacts assigned and owned by all of the Agents in that Office will be affected.

2. Alert Settings

  • The search parameters you can set here mirror what searches you can already set up when viewing a contact.

3. Save

  • Click the green 'Add Alert' button to save it.

When a new lead is created, and there are no Search Alerts set for it, and if they match your hashtag Search Alert rules, they will have the alert set for them by end of the day.

Editing Or Deleting Rules

If the rule was created within your scope, you can edit or delete it using the controls to the right of each listed item.

The scope is indicated in the 'Scope' column. So, if you encounter a rule that needs adjusting, contact the Administrator for that scope/entity to change it.

How Contacts Find and Edit Their Search Alerts

In order for your contacts to view their saved searches on your kvCORE website, they'll need to first log in. They can do so by navigating to your website and clicking 'Login'. The information they enter must match the contact profile you have saved in your Smart CRM.

Please Note: When logging in the button will say "Register". As long as their information is already in your Smart CRM it will not create a new contact, it will simply log them into your site.

At the top of your kvCORE site, your contact can view the current search that they are subscribed to via the Search Alerts feature, by clicking on 'Alerts Result.'

This will simply load their criteria into a search page, with the properties sorted by 'Days On Website.' (Showing the most recent listings first.) This will match the properties sent to their email recently, provided those properties are still active in the MLS.

Since your contacts will be getting emailed automatically, you might let them know or show them that they can change their saved search settings by clicking on their name in the top corner of your website.

There is a very simple control panel that has a few functions:

  • Delete buttons to remove searches.

  • Details of the search. Click on a search name to edit the search. They must have fewer than 2 searches listed to save search criteria, even if they click on one of two existing searches. Email frequency is how often they will get emailed their search alert from you.

  • 'Stop Listing Alerts' - This will unsubscribe them from search alerts, but they will still get other emails from you automatically.

  • 'Totally Unsubscribe' - This will unsubscribe them from ALL automated communication sent on your behalf.

  • Log Out - This will sign them out of your kvCORE website.

If they click on a search name, they will be taken to the search page that has their criteria entered. They can edit the criteria on the page, and then click 'Save Search.'

Please note: If a contact has unsubscribed a note will be made in the contact timeline and you will receive an email indicating they've unsubscribed.

How to Send Or Re-Send Search Alerts Manually

If a contact says they accidentally deleted the search email you sent them, you can re-send the properties that would have been included. The fastest way to grab the link is to open the contact you want to send the alert results to. Click on the Alerts tab after opening the details page of your contact.

And then select how you'd like to send the recent results.

If you click text or email, the contact is already selected and the link will be inserted into the body of the message. You can then personalize however you please.

If you want to use the link in an advanced email or elsewhere, select the 'Copy Link' option and you will get a confirmation it's been copied on the bottom left.

Please Note: The Search Alerts link will log whoever visits it in as the contact in question! Do not send the specific link to anyone except the contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and how can Search Alerts be created?

There are four ways a Search Alert can be created:

  1. Manually by the agent in the 'Alerts' section of a contact record.

  2. Manually by the contact on the agent's website.

  3. Automatically by kvCORE after 24-48 hours of a lead registering with property data if no alerts have been set by the agent or lead already.

  4. Search alerts can be preset by the agent in the Search Alerts section of the Marketing Autopilot tab to automatically apply to leads with a specific hashtag.

Can my contact create or modify their own alerts?

Yes! Everyone in your Smart CRM has an account on your website they are able to log into. The 'Login' link is on the top right of your website.

Once they're logged in on your website, the login link will be replaced by their name which they can click on to access their saved searches.

Should every contact have a Search Alert?

It depends on the contact. Generally speaking, every Prospect, New Lead, and Active Lead should have search alerts enabled to keep them coming back to your website and to keep yourself in front of them as much as possible.

However, different contacts have different needs:

A Seller Client may benefit from search alerts if they are looking to buy as well, but a

Buyer who enters the Client stage may already know which properties they are interested in and may not want to continue with the alerts.

Your family member who is in your Sphere may like receiving search alerts for new listings in their neighborhood while a New Seller Lead doesn't.

We do recommend either manually setting alerts or allowing kvCORE to do it automatically within 24-48 hours for New Leads and updating or disabling them as needed after speaking with the lead.

How many search alerts can one contact have?

Within the 'Alerts' section of a contact record, you have the ability to create two separate search alerts.

What is the difference between 'Save and Send' versus 'Set Alert'?

When you choose to "Save and Send" a search alert, an email with a list of matching properties will immediately be sent to that contact, unless there are no matching properties.

If you choose to "Set Alert", kvCORE will look at the frequency you chose when setting up the alert to determine when the email should be sent:

  1. Never

  2. ASAP

  3. Daily

  4. Twice Weekly

  5. Once Weekly

  6. Twice a month

  7. Monthly

If you choose 'Never' and then click 'Set Alert' an email will never automatically be sent; you will have to send the list of matching properties manually.

If you choose 'ASAP', the email will be sent immediately after you click 'Set Alert'.

If you choose one of the other frequencies, the email will be sent within the next 7 days and that will determine the frequency's date. For example, if you set an alert with the frequency of 'Once Weekly' and kvCORE sends the email two days later on a Thursday, that contact will receive an email every Thursday as long as there are new or updated listings to send.

Why didn't anything happen when I clicked on 'Save & Send'?

This is most likely due to no matching listings in the selected area. If you see that there are matching listings displayed under the Results section, you may need to refresh the page to see the sent email in the contact's Timeline.

If the email still has not been received by the contact after a few hours, please contact our Support team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of your Dashboard.

What is the difference between the Sqft and Acres sections?

Sqft: Square footage of the home

Acres: Lot size

If the property size is not a full acre you do have the option to use .1, .2, etc. Or you can leave the 'Acres' section blank!

What is the difference between the Summary section and the Results section?

The Summary for a specific contact is aggregated based on their activity and may not always match the search alert criteria. This occurs when a contact goes to your website and clicks on or favorites listings outside of the criteria which might indicate a need to update their criteria, especially if it's a brand-new lead.

The Results simply show a preview of listings matching that contact's Active search alert and will always match the search alert criteria. It only displays up to 6 matching listings with a link to see the full list on your website.

What does "Send Recent Results" do?

In short, it only sends the most recent results of the search alert, but it can do much more. The "Send Recent Results" tab is within the Alert Settings and you can click on it to view a dropdown, and this will allow you to send the results to the leads as it includes the options "Email Recent Results", "Text Recent Results", and also has the option to "Copy Link" directly.

Note: If you select the option to "Copy Link" and send those results via the link that is now copied you will only be sending the 6 most recent listings that fit the Search Alert criteria and not the entire list of available listings.

Why do I see more or less matching listings when searching my MLS versus the amount of matching listings kvCORE shows?

There are two main reasons for any discrepancy between kvCORE's list of matching listings and the list in your MLS:

  1. The search criteria entered into your MLS is different from the criteria entered into kvCORE. As simple as it may sound, this is responsible for 95% of search results not matching in two different systems especially because the search options your MLS offers may not match exactly what kvCORE has available.

  2. Your MLS is showing listings under statuses that kvCORE is not including. For instance, most MLS boards tend to include Pending, Coming Soon, and Contingent status whereas kvCORE usually defaults to not including those types of listing statuses.

If you confirm that neither of these scenarios applies to your specific list of properties then please reach out to our Support Team via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right of your Dashboard.

Why does the search alert email only display 5 listings when there are more?

Search Alert emails and texts limit the results to 5 to prevent overwhelming the lead with a long list of properties and also to drive them back to your kvCORE website. Doing this allows the system to track their activity and behavior, and provides you with more opportunities to engage with them.

The email contains a link at the top and bottom of the properties listed so contacts can easily navigate to the full list.

What do Search Alert emails to my contacts look like? Can I get an example?

Absolutely! Please see below for a Search Alert email example.

Why did a Search Alert not get sent to a contact even though it is set up to send alerts daily?

Search alerts will only be sent to contacts if there are New or Updated listings within the past 14 days. This avoids repeatedly sending the same list of properties to your contacts and possibly risking them unsubscribing.

Why did my Mass Search Alert not apply to a contact with the related Hashtag?

There are three reasons why an alert triggered by a hashtag would not be automatically set up for a contact with that hashtag:

  1. The contact is unsubscribed from emails. (i.e. they were imported as unsubscribed)

  2. The contact already has a search alert setup. (i.e. they were imported with specific search alert criteria)

  3. The contact was in your Smart CRM prior to the creation of a search alert triggered by a hashtag. Mass search alerts do not retroactively set up the alert criteria for contacts with that hashtag that already exists in your Smart CRM. The alerts will only be set up for new contacts with that hashtag moving forward.

How do I set up a Search Alert to only send listings over or under a certain amount?

This is very dependent on your MLS and the format of the information they pass to us to display on your kvCORE website, including property feature fields and the variations of that feature available.

For instance, searching with HOA considerations as a feature is very popular, however, most HOA data only comes with specific amounts, like "HOA=$20", "HOA=$50", "HOA=$100", etc...

In this scenario, setting up a Search Alert with one of the above HOA amounts would mean the system looks for listings with that specific amount to the exclusion of all else. There is no way to set the alert to look for listings with HOAs up to a specific dollar amount or under.

However, a handful of MLS boards provide HOA data in ranges and a rare few provide the option to choose "HOA=under[dollar]". If you see this option in your Keywords drop-down you will be able to set up an alert using this option.

I imported leads with Search Alert criteria, but there isn't a spot for frequency. Is that intended?

Yes. Search Alert frequency for leads imported with Search Alert criteria is set to weekly. If you wish to update the frequency you must do so manually.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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