Adding notes is necessary for keeping your contact records up to date with all the important info about your leads. Notes in kvCORE can be created via Quick Actions, or on the individual contact details page.

Adding Notes via Quick Actions

To add a note via the Quick Actions menu click the blue 'Quick Actions' button at the top of your kvCORE account. Then select 'Add Note'.

A popup will appear with the following options

  1. Name: The contact who you would like to add this note to.

  2. Note: The information you'd like added.

  3. CC Lender: Selecting 'Yes' will send a copy of the note to the Lender that is assigned to the contact.

  4. Pin to Top: Clicking 'Yes' will pin this note to the top of the contact profile. That means that the note will always be visible when looking at the record.

The note will then populate in the contact timeline.

Adding Notes via the Contact Record

To add a note from the contact record, enter the profile from the Smart CRM tab. Click the 'Add Note' button from the top right.

A modal will populate like when adding a note from Quick Actions, except the name will already been added. Fill out with the information you'd like added to the contact.

Although you can add notes to phone calls, or scheduled calls, they will always be attached to that event. The yellow 'add note' option adds a completely separate note to your contacts timeline.

Adding a Hashtag with a Note

Another way to easily create hashtags within a contact record is by using the "Add Note" option. If you are adding notes to a contact's record about a recent conversation or search result, for example, you can also add hashtags using that same note to automatically apply to that particular contact.

This is helpful if you use #Engaged or #Prefers_Texting labels to quickly determine a contact's engagement level or preference.

To add a hashtag, type your notes into the 'Note' box and add the hashtag you would like to create.

TIP: Always use the # symbol when creating hashtags using this method.

Click the green "Save" button.

You will see a note in the contact's Timeline and the hashtag will appear in the left-hand column under the Hashtags section.


Pinned Notes

You may pin any important notes to the top of your contact's timeline for easy reference. Look for the pin icon in the upper right of the note, and click it. You will see the note every time you open your contact, at the top in the 'Pinned Notes' section.

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