Daily calls can be created automatically or manually. Usually, calls are created as part of a smart campaign, or when your contact does something interesting that kvCORE notices. For example, if someone saved a listing, and you haven't spoken to them in awhile, it's a great opportunity to follow up with them. Something as simple as, offering them some additional information on the listing may go a long way to securing them as a client!

Where Do I Find My Calls?

In kvCORE your Daily Calls To Make are front and center on your dashboard:

This will display the calls interface, if it is not already visible. There are three tabs on which you manage you calls.

Past Due Calls, Calls Due Today, and Upcoming Calls.

On each tab, there is a call and snooze button to the right of each contact:

Clicking SNOOZE sets the due date of the call to tomorrow. Clicking CALL opens the dialer (Instructions below.)

If a call is 'Past Due' for 7 days, it is automatically removed from the list, as well as from the contact details page.

Calls are also accessible via the task list: 

The number of calls in the green tile of the dashboard does not include any past due events or tasks. The number in your tasks list at the upper right contains your total calls + tasks.

When you open your tasks and calls list, it is divided into 3 sections.

Past Due, Due Today, and Due Tomorrow

The snooze button here works the same as the calls list in your dashboard.

Additionally, if you are reviewing an individual contact, you will see any calls listed in your task list at the right hand side.


Note - Assigned Agent

Admins will note that if they see any calls scheduled that are NOT their own contacts, the agent to whom the contact is assigned will be listed.


How To Use The Dialer To Complete Calls

To begin calling, click on the green handset icon to the right of the person you want to call:

Or, if you are looking at the calls list on your dashboard, you can click the green call button.

Clicking either the call button or green handset opens the dialer.


  • This dialer window is ready to go. You can see the contact is already picked for you. 
  • If the contact has more than one phone number you will be able to select which one to call.
  • When you are ready, click the CALL button at the bottom right.
  • You will immediately receive a call from your kvCORE smart number. A computerized voice will prompt you to connect you to your contact.
  • Once connected, the system will record your call if call recording is enabled for your smart number. 

When the call connects, the dialer will automatically switch to the 'Log Call' tab.

  1. The call type is already set to OUTBOUND, since we are calling out to the contact.Any time you want to log a call on a contact, you can specify what kind of call it was. If you log your calls in kvCORE, the system takes that into account when determining if it should automatically create calls for this contact in the future.
  2. Leave notes for yourself in the notes box. Your notes will be saved to the contact timeline.
  3. Finally, click on Contacted, Not Home, or Bad # to complete your call. Using one of those buttons will log the call as completed.


If you manually add a call elsewhere outside of the task list (such as via Quick Actions) the call will not be properly removed from your calls list! You must initiate the dialer from your task list or call list in the dashboard.

The green call icon with the arrow pointing left is an outbound call. The arrow pointing right would be an inbound call.

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