The Consumer Interest page reveals where website visitors are coming from, as well as what they're doing on your kvCORE website. As you run advertising campaigns and use the various Lead Engine and Marketing tools at your disposal, you will generate website visitors and they will participate in all kinds of activity.

One of the most critical things to remember is that you yourself are the main driver of what happens on your kvCORE website. If you are purchasing or are running your own ads, you are dictating what kind of traffic your website may get. Do you want to get leads signing up that are interested in a particular area? If so, then you want to drive those particular leads to your website.

How this page plays into that strategy is simple. If you find that the majority of website visitors are not looking in the areas you want to work in, then perhaps there is something in your ads or strategies that are targeting the wrong statistics or providing the wrong information, thereby missing your target audience. This is where you can easily see the effects/results of your source performance.

How To Find Consumer Interest

First, click on Business Analytics from the main navigation on the left side.

Then, click on the 'Consumer Interest' tab from the top.

Admins Please Note: On the upper left-hand side of this page, like most, be sure to select the specific scope you'd like to view. The selection will show you the stats for the entity you choose (Team, Office, or Company depending on your access).

Lead Generation

This is the first section on the Consumer Interest page. It contains the information that tells you specifically where visitors are coming from, as opposed to the source performance tab in business analytics which tells you how well (or not) your ads/lead sources are doing.

Top Referrers

A referrer is a URL that someone was last on before they registered. When someone hits your website in some way, kvCORE can usually see where they were right before they signed up as a lead.

You will see two main kinds of referrers:

  • Links that are a page on your kvCORE website. This means that kvCORE didn't see where they came from, but they were first seen on that page. In this case, it's likely that they pasted the link in, or clicked through to your website in a way that couldn't be tracked. They could have come from a link in a text message, or typed it in off a business card, for example.

  • Links from any other website. These can be Facebook, Twitter, craigslist,, or anywhere they might have seen and clicked on a link (advertisement) to your website.

Here is a screenshot from a demo account that's used to test things out in kvCORE.

As you can see although Inside Real Estate is not specifically tracking where the test leads are coming from, kvCORE is keeping a finger on the pulse anyway. As the teams click on links from within the test dashboard, the system is tracking it as a 'referrer' because that's the page being used right before opening the test site to sign up as a new lead. In this list, you'll see Facebook URLs, Google, Craigslist, etc. And, to the right, you will see how many times those referrers generated website visits.

In some cases you may not see a URL:

These types of referrers have specific names. Most professional advertising setups will explicitly name a "referrer" so that you can tie a particular advertisement to traffic that you're monitoring, such as in this case of the Consumer Interest tab. In the above screenshot from a live account, Facebook Advertising uses a specifically named referrer so that you can see the traffic coming in from the ads that you purchased.

This could be powerful information for you because it can indicate how many other sources you could potentially deploy to get more leads pushed to your kvCORE website from other places! If your referrers list is minimal, this can give you the ability to see visually how many more audiences you could be reaching. You want lots of referrers sending traffic to your kvCORE website!

Top Capture Page(s)

The adjacent list to referrers shows capture pages. These are the specific pages that signups happened on, as indicated by the number under "registrations" to the right.

This is where you can start to connect the dots, from your 'Source Performance' to 'Referrers' to the specific capture pages, you can trace the line from the ads and capture tools you are running down to the specific properties that are getting leads to register.

There are several different items in the capture pages list that are not specifically URLs.

  • Phone numbers are Smart Numbers, and the total registrations are the unique phone numbers you have captured via your custom text codes.

  • Inquiry Forms are the simple email forms that website visitors can send you messages from if they 'have a question' or 'want to tour' a property.

  • 'Direct Domain' means that the registration happened without the user encountering any kind of prompt to register, such as if they were trying to view the photos of a listing. This can happen if they go to your website, and click to sign up at the top of the page. (And other rare occurrences.)

Top Properties

The Top Ten Viewed and Top Ten Saved lists in this section are pulled from the activity of your contacts in kvCORE.

  • A view is tallied when a contact views a property on your kvCORE website.

  • A save happens when a contact favorites or saves a property on your kvCORE website. To learn more about how your contacts save properties click here.

  • You can click on a property address from the Consumer Interest page to open that property's details page in your kvCORE Listings tab.

The stats in this section are all pulled from your contacts histories in kvCORE. That means the numbers are only coming from the activity that your contacts generate on your kvCORE website.

As such, if you were to run an advertising campaign for a particular area, you may see that area suddenly shoots up in the popular ranking, as more leads sign up that are viewing properties in that area.

Areas, Zips & Neighborhoods

These are ranked according to how many properties have been viewed in those areas within your contact database.


These price groupings are ranked by the number of contacts you have looking at properties within those price points.

Using the information in this section, you can adjust your marketing strategies and observe how this information changes as a result.  This page will show you what your current audience is, and gives you the information you need to change it! 

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