The Agent Performance section under the Business Analytics tab shows individual Agents and Admins how often and in what ways they are leveraging kvCORE. Certain actions in kvCORE can have a measurable impact on your bottom line and these stats help Agents stay on track and help Admins monitor their Agents.

Accessing Agent Performance Metrics

In order to view the metrics kvCORE tracks, you will first need to log into kvCORE.

  1. Click on the Business Analytics tab to the left.

  2. Click on the Agent Success tab at the top.

Understanding the Tracked Metrics

The seven columns that appear all play a part of the Office's Agent Accountability settings and can be a key indicator of whether an Agent is doing what they need to in order to stay eligible to receive new Company-owned leads.

For more information about Agent Accountability, click here.

TIP: If Agent Accountability is not enabled for your Office these metrics will still be tracked by kvCORE and remain a good example of how well Agents are using kvCORE.

Rotation Status & Time Since Last Login

The first two columns show you whether or not that Agent is currently in rotation for Company-owned leads and the last time they logged into kvCORE which can directly affect the Agent's rotation status.

As an Agent, you can quickly refer to the Rotation Status column to confirm whether or not you should expect new leads from your Office.

If you are an Admin for your Office you can easily add an Agent into rotation or remove them from rotation manually from this area.

New Lead Calls Completed

The third column tracks how many calls that particular Agent has completed for any new leads they receive, regardless of source.

This directly relates to the Agent Accountability metric for making new lead calls.

This setting and tracked metric does not affect rotation status for Company-owned leads. Rather, it allows kvCORE to help the Agent work their leads by calling the Agent to prompt them to connect with their new lead a number of times over the first three days a lead has been assigned to them.

Calls Assigned, Tasks Assigned, & Calls/Tasks Completed

The next three columns all display the number of items assigned to a particular Agent and their completion percentage of those to-do items, regardless of source.

Calls and tasks tallied in these three columns can come from Smart Campaign actions, manually-assigned items from either the Agent or their Admin, Behavioral Automation, and more.

These three columns do not affect an Agent's rotation status, but are a good way to see the overall workload and how well the Agent is keeping up with their book of business.

As an Agent, you can also use this area as a great way to keep yourself accountable and do a regular check-in with the health of your business.

Accountability Calls/Tasks Completed

The last column in this area whittles the assigned calls and tasks list down to just those that have been assigned to the Agent from three specific sources:

  1. Calls and tasks manually assigned by an Admin.

  2. Calls and tasks assigned by a locked Smart Campaign.

  3. Daily calls automatically generated by kvCORE.

This column relates to the Office's Agent Accountability settings, particularly the Lead Rotation Accountability option requiring a certain percentage of calls and tasks to be completed.

If an Admin or Agent wishes to know why they were removed from lead rotation, this column is the best place to look first.

Viewing Agent Performance as an Admin

Like the other sections within the Business Analytics tab, Agent Performance will show the statistics for all the users in your kvCORE account.

You can easily change the scope of the statistics that you are looking at by using the Company drop-down on the top left.

This is an easy way to check on the progress and success of Agents within a particular Office or for an individual Agent.

Similar to the Smart CRM columns, you have the option of trimming down the columns to only show you the data you need to see at that given moment by using the Columns drop-down to the right.

All columns will display by default, but you can click on the name of a column from the Columns drop-down to hide it.

Exporting Data

A report of the data included in the Agent Success section can be downloaded as a CSV file by clicking the blue "Download Report" button on the right side.

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If you have any questions about the Agent Performance data, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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