In kvCORE, it's possible to capture new leads via text messaging.

Normally, when you post an ad on the internet, it uses a link that someone clicks on, and they then land on your website looking at a list of properties or the landing page you want them to see.

Then, provided that what they clicked on is pretty much what they expected from what the advertisement said, they are more likely to continue using your website and thus register as a new lead.

That doesn't really work on a flyer/sign, or on Craigslist. Those mediums do not allow people to click on links. Your only option is to prompt them to take action.

This tool allows you to prompt them to send a text message to your smart number to receive the information that they want.

Both the word they would text and the information they receive will be setup by you, using the custom text codes feature.

For example, if I have a yard sign out, I might print a call to action on it that looks something like this:

See where it says text 'red?' Red is a custom text code. So, if I were to text that word, to the number at the bottom, kvCORE would immediately send me the message that is tied to the 'red' custom code. It could be a link to the millions mapped mobile app. It could be the details to a property. Just about anything.

What's interesting, is that when that random person sends that code in, their cell number is captured as a new lead. The person who created the code gets the lead.

Your call capture/custom text code settings can be found within the Lead Engine section of kvCORE.



From the Lead Engine page, click into the Call Capture section.


(Click on 'GET STARTED')


There are two primary tasks you can complete on this page:

  • Set your 'Default' code - You have a permanently reserved custom code that is your name. On this page you can edit what happens if someone texts your name to your smart number. By default, your name is used in some places such as in Craigslist posts.
  • Create 'Custom' codes - These are new codes that you can create for any purpose. The custom codes you create must be unique. They are a first come, first serve, since you share a smart number with your Office or Team.


Set Your 'Default' Code

Find the Custom Text Codes section and click edit to the right of your default code:


The default code is your first name, in uppercase, at the top of the list. If this is your first time on this page it should be the only code listed.


Default Code

Your default code is there as a way to 'reserve' a spot in the system for some of the basic lead generation tools in kvCORE. For example, if you post to Craigslist, you will find that your default code is populated into the ad as a way to ensure that you are able to capture leads right away.


After clicking edit, you must now set your default message. This is the message people will see when they get a reply from your default custom code.


Enter your message into the 'Reply' box, and then click save.




  • Link to your Millions Mapped page, a home search app that your contacts/leads can use to browse properties on their phone. TIP: Your millions mapped app link is unique to your personal kvCORE website. You can find more info on Millions Mapped here.
  • Link to your kvCORE website, citing your 'mobile office' as you should with your email signature and voicemail.


"Thanks for texting me! You can download and access my home search app here: "


"Hey! You've reached Red at! If you have any immediate questions ask me here, or visit my mobile office at "  is an example. Do not use it in your message!  The same goes for


You must find your kvCORE URL in your main menu, and add /app.php to the end of it to link to your Millions Mapped app.


NEVER send anyone to Millions Mapped directly! Always use the app.php page on your kvCORE website!


Find your kvCORE url in your Main Menu at the top right:



Create 'Custom' Codes

At the bottom of the list of text codes, click the 'Add New' button.

There are three steps to creating a code.

1. Enter the code. Your custom text code can pretty much be any word or alphanumeric phrase you want. You should keep it simple.

  • Try to avoid numbers as codes. This can get very confusing with some of the automated functions of custom text codes. 
  • Avoid addresses as codes. Not only are addresses way to long to type in, but they can also cause some confusion.
  • Keep it short! The shorter your code is, the more likely someone is to text it in.
  • Think of generic codes for sign riders. If you use a generic code like 'house1' for example, you can update the code later. This means that if you are buying a $50 sign, you only have to buy it once. You can re-use it on another home later by editing your code. 

2. Enter an MLS ID or a Message. Choose to do one or the other. 


In the above example, our code is '4rolynhills' and the MLS ID field has the ID of an active listing. The response is automated and shown above. It contains a link, and address, and beds/baths info. The link goes to the personal kvCORE website/subdomain of the person who created the code.


The message can be a URL, or it can be a message like you see above. The difference from the MLS ID only is that kvCORE is not auto-generating the response. It simply delivers exactly what was entered into the message field.

3. Smart Number. You might not see this option if you have access to only one smart number. But, if you are a member of an office, or a team, you might have access to more than one smart number. Depending on your marketing strategy, pick the number you want to use.

If at any time you try to create a code that someone else has already created, you will see the following error:

Should you run into this error you will need to modify your code to something that is unique.

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