When you save listings to your contact, you also have the option of sending them to your contact at the same time.

To save a listing on behalf of your client go to the listings details page from the Listings tab. Click the 'More Actions' menu and select 'Add to Saved' from the dropdown.

A popup will open, giving you the opportunity to select the contact and send a comment if you'd like.

Lead: Select your lead in the list at the top. This assigns the saved listing to that contact.

Comment: Write a note to send to them (optional).

Send Comment: Choose 'No', 'Text' or 'Email' to choose how to send the comment. 

Please Note: What you write in the comments box will not be visible to the contact on their saved properties page, it's only sent to them.

It's also not explicitly noted on their timeline that you saved the property on their behalf, only that it was saved.

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