A saved search references the Search Alerts feature. This is a tool that will automatically email properties to your contact that they are interested in. It's another extremely important part of the incubation process of your sphere, to convert leads and acquaintances into clients.

Since your contacts will be getting emailed automatically, you might let them know or show them that they can change their saved search settings by clicking on their name in the top corner of your website.

There is a very simple control panel that has a few functions:

  • Delete buttons to remove searches.

  • Details of the search. Click on a search name to edit the search. They must have fewer than 2 searches listed to save search criteria, even if they click on one of two existing searches. Email frequency is how often they will get emailed their search alert from you.

  • 'Stop Listing Alerts' - This will unsubscribe them from search alerts, but they will still get other emails from you automatically.

  • 'Totally Unsubscribe' - This will unsubscribe them from ALL automated communication sent on your behalf.

  • Log Out - This will sign them out of your kvCORE website.

If they click on a search name, they will be taken to the search page that has their criteria entered. They can edit the criteria on the page, and then click 'Save Search.'

Please note: If a contact has unsubscribed a note will be made in the contact timeline and you will receive an email indicating they've unsubscribed.

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