How do they get to the sell page? Either they click on it, or you direct them to it.

For your existing buyers, you should always prompt that if they own a home they should check the valuation, usually as part of your smart campaign.

For your advertisements, you're linking directly to the sell page via landing pages.

We recommend to always go for buyer leads, and then prospect them to find which are homeowners.

However, customized landing pages can be pretty successful when advertised as well. How we approach it in terms of getting them to engage with you would be to offer an automated valuation. This valuation is a critical capture device that you will follow up on. Of course, because it's automated, you'll want to open with asking them if they thought the value the site gave was higher or lower than they thought. In either case, the answer lies in the data that the site can access. Usually, it's MLS data, and on that information alone it's impossible to gauge the true value. This should help you steer them away from other estimates from websites. What they really need, is a professional to help them. For more information on these seller tools on your website, click here.

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