Merge tags are placeholders that will automatically fill in the information at the time the message is sent.

For example, if you email your leads Frasier, Martin, and Niles with a mass email that begins with: "Hello, {first_name}" Then each recipient will see their name when they receive the message.

Frasier will see 'Hello, Frasier', Martin will see 'Hello, Martin' and so on.

All of the merge tags pertain to the most direct information. For example, {lender_first_name} is the Lender that contact is shared with. The only variable for merge tags has to do with listings. If you want to insert info about a listing, you need to give the MLS ID of that listing so it knows which property to show the info for.

Supported Merge Tags

Note: Some merge tags such as the tags that reference a listing will require you to enter a listing ID into the appropriate field before sending your message, so kvCORE knows which listing to pull information on. kvCORE Merge Tags

Lead Information

Please Note: Lead information pulls directly from the contact profile.






{site_url} - Agent's subdomain/website

{site_url_as_link} - Agent's subdomain/website clickable link

{lead_location} - Contact's preferred location. Set by contact's listing views, or set by alerts




Agent Information

Please Note: This information pulls from the Agent Profile. For more information on setting up your profile click here.

















Lender Information

Please Note: This information will be for the Lender linked to the specific contact. To learn more about getting your Lender involved with kvCORE, click here.









Office Information

Please Note: This is the information stored in the Office profile. Admins - to learn more about setting up the Office profile click here.






Team Information

Please Note: This is the information stored in the Team profile. Admins - to learn more about setting up the Team profile click here.











Listing Information

Please Note: When using listing merge tags you must input the MLS ID into the designated spot above the content box.











Adding Merge Tags with the Basic Editor

To add a merge tag with the Basic Editor click the little sun icon to populate the available merge tags.

Adding Merge Tags with the Advanced Editor

To add text to an email, you'll first drag a text box from the content on the right side. Once the text box is available and you begin typing, the editing controls will appear. Hover over 'merge tags' and select the one that fits!

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