Step 1 - Find the mail icon at the upper right of the dashboard, and choose your sync option.

Step 2 - Sign into the account your chose.

Step 3 - Verify Permissions, click 'Yes' or 'Allow' if prompted.

After you allow these permissions, you are synced! If you run into any errors, you can click here for suggestions.

Tip: kvCORE is not downloading or saving any of your email. It only ever shows you what matches the lead you're viewing. We also do not allow any other users access so you are the only one within your brokerage that will be able to access your emails.

Google Sync Feature Highlights

  • Imports emails you have sent to your leads that are in kvCORE, into their timeline. So, when you open a lead or contact in kvCORE, you see their email history. Click here for more information.
  • Sync Tasks/Reminders. The tasks you create in kvCORE will be synced to your Google Tasks list. Click here for more info on Google Tasks; it's pretty neat! 
  • Option to Sync Calendar. You can see your Google Calendar in your kvCORE dashboard if you want. Click here for more information.
  • Sync Contacts. You can sync your contact database easily to/from kvCORE. Click here for more information.

Note: There can be sync issues if the email is not put into the "From" section from within your agent profile, so make sure to set the From email to be the same as your email that you are Syncing into kvCORE.

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