To enable this option, you must first sync your google account to kvCORE.

You can quickly and easily change your Sync at any time, simply click on the mail icon and click the Google settings link.


Please note, that if you want to disconnect all syncing with Google, click on the red 'DISCONNECT GOOGLE' button shown.

Note - 'Import Contacts as' status.

If you enable the contacts sync, then you can also specify a status which new contacts should be labeled as if they are pulled from Google as new contacts.

Note - Duplicate Contacts

The contact sync is a two-way feature between kvCORE and Google.

  • The sync occurs every hour. You can push new contacts to google on demand but updates will only be downloaded from Google to kvCORE once an hour.
  • Sync looks for the following data: Email, Name, Address, Phones, Birthday. Any existing data that is modified is updated in either Google or kvCORE.Any missing data is pulled into the system that is missing the data.If contact is deleted in Google, it will be deleted in kvCORE next time sync runs, but does not do the other way around.

Syncing contacts FROM Google TO kvCORE

Enabling the sync and specifying the status initiates the download of your Google contacts into kvCORE under the status you select. 

Any contacts that don't already exist in kvCORE will be downloaded and given this status. If the contact already exists in kvCORE, the system will "fill in the blanks" and update the existing contact with what information it can find. 

Syncing contacts FROM kvCORE TO Google

You can choose which contacts you want to push to Google from kvCORE in two places.

First, in your Smart CRM, select which contacts you want to push to Google using the checkboxes to the far left of each one in the list, then select 'More Actions' and 'Sync Contact(s).'

At any time you are viewing the details of a contact, you can also choose to individually sync that contact you are looking at, by using the 'More Actions' menu on the far right hand side of the page, and selecting 'Sync with Google Contacts.'

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