To enable this option, you must first sync your Microsoft/Office365 account to kvCORE.

You can quickly and easily change your Sync at any time, simply click on the mail icon and click the Microsoft Settings link.

You can disconnect your Microsoft sync at any time using the red disconnect button.

Contacts use a toggle switch and status selector in Outlook settings. There is no manual syncing of contacts outside of these settings. 

The first time you enable the sync, kvCORE will pull all of the contacts you have in your Outlook account to itself, with as much information as it can bring, including small details such as notes, which will appear in the contact's timeline in kvCORE. 

The 'source' of the contacts will be marked as 'Office 365' and the status will be the selected status from the selector in your Outlook settings:

The sync is ongoing, meaning that whenever new contacts are added to your Outlook, kvCORE will pull them in whenever the sync runs, which is about once per hour. 

kvCORE does not push contacts to Outlook.

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