To enable this option, you must first sync your Microsoft/Office365 account to kvCORE.

You can quickly and easily change your Sync at any time, simply click on the mail icon and click the Microsoft Settings link.

You can disconnect your Microsoft sync at any time using the red disconnect button.

Tasks may be toggled on to sync to Outlook Tasks

Whenever task syncing is enabled:

  • Tasks/Calls created in kvCORE are pushed to Outlook. The tasks you see in Outlook will have the formatting of: "[Task Title] - [Contact Name]" (Unfortunately Outlook does not support receiving tasks tied specifically to contacts.)
  • If a tasks is completed in kvCORE or in Outlook, the task completion will be synced between both platforms.
  • If kvCORE sees a task in Outlook that is connected to a contact in kvCORE, then it will pull that task from Outlook to kvCORE.
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