To access the registration setting, navigate to your website settings. One way to do so, is to click 'Web & IDX' on the left hand navigation.

Then, click on the 'website settings' button in the center of the page.

Be sure to select the correct website, if you manage more than one. 

On the settings page for your selected website, scroll down to the 'Force Lead Registration' option, in the general section.

There are four options you can select.

  • Normal - This is the default setting. In order to get the most out of your advertising efforts, we recommend this default setting. It will prompt users to register whenever they have viewed one property. The normal setting will ensure that you have the highest possible number of leads generated from your advertisements and posts.
  • Delayed - This setting will allow users to see 3 properties before being prompted to register.
  • None - This setting will never ask leads to register. (Not recommended.)
  • Unenforced - This setting will prompt users to register after viewing three properties. However, if they dismiss the prompt, they can continue to view properties without getting kicked back to the homepage of your kvCORE website. Every three properties they view, they will be asked again.
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