However a contact is added to kvCORE, be it from following an advertisement to being imported from a file, or if you manually added them yourself, they are all subject to the same rule for automatically generated search alerts. 

To learn more about search alerts, click here.

A search alert will be created automatically for your new contact if:

  • If there is no search alert already configured.

  • If the contact has logged into your kvCORE website and viewed a property.

If both of those conditions are met then kvCORE will create an alert automatically based on the propert(ies) they viewed within 24-48 hours after the lead was created.

When this occurs, kvCORE will email your contact informing them that they are now set up on an automated email:

Hi, It's [agent name] again. Our system set up an alert which will send you new properties in [area] between [min price] and [max price] having at least [beds] beds and [baths] baths. If you'd like to change the criteria for these alerts, [click here link].

The criteria it selects automatically are generated from averages based on the home(s) they looked at. You can of course edit the alert at any time! For information on modifying existing alerts click here.

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