Each day, you will receive an email from kvCORE summarizing your task items and calls.  Here is a summary/FAQ to outline how and when kvCORE creates calls automatically.

Which contacts are Daily Calls created for?

Contacts must fall into the following criteria:

  • Not 'Archive,' 'Closed,' or 'Contract' status.
  • Not Unsubscribed.
  • Have a phone number.

What conditions must be true for a call to be created?

  • The contact may not have a 'missed' call that was previously auto-created as a daily call. Manually scheduled calls do NOT count towards this.
  • You must be below the limit for the maximum number of calls created already for the day. (This is configured here.)

What conditions regarding the contact trigger calls? (In order!)

  1. Triggered a behavior in last 24hrs, and not called in past week
  2. Viewed a property in last 6 months, and not called in past 30 days
  3. Created in last 90 days, and not called in past 30 days
  4. Never been called (prioritized by age), and not called in past 30 days
  5. Rating of 3 stars or more, and not called in past 30 days
  6. Has responded to a text, and not called in past 30 days

The system will iterate through the rules above until your daily call limit has been reached.

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