First, scroll over the 'Lead Engine' tab on the main navigation and select 'Build Squeeze Page'. This will automatically open to the multi-property section.

Admins Please Note: If you're creating a squeeze page for an entity or Agent other than yourself you'll want to choose the correct domain from the entity dropdown on the top left.


Search Criteria

First, you must specify all of your search criteria. Fill in all of the fields for search criteria before moving on to page configuration.

Area - Choose the area you would like to pull info from the MLS for.


Draw On Map - Click the blue 'Draw On Map' button to draw a polygonal boundary that will contain all of the listings contained in this squeeze page. As an alternative to restricting your area to MLS Area names, it might make more sense to draw out the area on a map.

How-To Draw On Map

  • (Optional) - Type in a location at the top of the map to zoom the map to a more specific area you want to draw in.

  • Click the 'Draw Area' button.

  • Then, click consecutively to draw a polygon shape on the map until you trace back to your first click.

Please Note - You may only choose an area OR draw on map. You may not specify both.

Listing Type - Choose listing type; this can be any single property type or you can include multiple types.

Options - Choose an option from the dropdown. This is where you can find things such as recently reduced, open houses, and other unique options.


Page Configuration


Source - Identifier source or "anchor" for the URL. This will tell you the "name" of your link when you review your click stats later! Ideally, you would give all your different links different sources/names so that you can identify each one separately.

You can find your source report on your New Leads under the 'referrer' label in your leads source information. To learn more about lead sources click here. The source will explicitly show what you enter here. If you leave the field EMPTY then the source will be "PPC" (Pay-Per-Click.)

Hashtag - Specify a hashtag for this squeeze link. This will add the hashtag to any leads that sign up from this link. It's excellent for connecting specific leads to specific squeeze links so you can see directly where they came from. To learn more about hashtags click here.

Facebook Cover Photo - Typically you will not need to use this unless your MLS has strict rules on what kinds of images you are allowed to post in Facebook Advertisements.

Property Views Allowed Before Registration - Set the number of properties you want visitors to be able to see before they are prompted to sign up to view more. 1 property is the default, and 0 means to display the signup form as soon as they open the link.

Please Note: Disabling registration/selecting 'never' defeats the purpose of squeeze pages and will not generate new leads for you.

Once all of your criteria and configurations are set, you can generate your link.

Direct Link - This box will contain the full link with all of the criteria you set. This type of link is typically required for Google Advertisements.

Short Link - This box contains an abbreviated link that will take people to the same results. However, the link is a bit shorter which makes it usable for mediums like text messages and spaces like Twitter where the number of characters you're allowed to use in your post is very limited.

You can copy these links using the icon to the right of each box, and save them in a spreadsheet or text file in case you need them again in the future!

Showing Agency Listings Only

In the case that you'd like your Multi-Property Squeeze Page to showcase Agency listings only you can add "&showagency=1" to the end of the Squeeze Page link you create.

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Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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