In some cases you will want to create a search of properties that have more criteria than what the squeeze page builder creates. On your kvCORE website, you can create your own squeeze pages by hand if needed. This might be necessary in the case of keyword search options, which are generated with MLS data:

To create these links, go to your kvCORE website, and perform a property search to get the exact results you want your potential leads to see.

Then, when you are satisfied with the search results you see displayed, copy the URL from the address bar of your browser:

Next, paste the URL into a text editor so it can be edited easily.

Now we will manually add the pieces to the end of the URL that will make it a trackable squeeze page.

First, delete the #rslt at the end.

Then, add the source and hashtag parameters by hand. You enter what you would like your source name to be, as well as the hashtag you want to be attached to the contacts who sign up. When entering a hashtag do NOT include the '#.'

That's it! You can re-copy your newly formed custom squeeze link and use it in your advertisements.

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