First, click on 'Lead Engine' on the left hand side of your kvCORE dashboard.

Then, find the IDX Squeeze Page Tile, and choose your desired domain, then click 'Start Building.'

For admins, domains are associated to Offices, Teams, and Agents, so be sure to select the right one. For Agents, generally you can only select your personal domain(s) from the list. Leads generated on the selected agent, team, or office domain go to that entities (agent, team, or office) lead routing rules. 

Note: Using the sell page directly instead of part of a lead funnel does have its uses. However, if you are running an advertising campaign, using Landing Pages to serve as the interface between the advertisement and the sell page will net you the best results. Pushing the sell page directly which uses the title "Find your Home's Value, Free" may not always speak to homeowners, and can speak to renters. The 'Address Capture' option for Landing Pages would be the best bet for Seller Advertising. However, if you are using some kind of call to action where you simply need an address capture form directly, the seller squeeze page will work for that.

1. Set Options

Source - identify source or "anchor" for URL. This will tell you the "name" of your link when you review your click stats later. Ideally, you would give all your different links different sources/names so that you can identify each one separately.

You can find your source report on your new leads under the 'referrer' label in your leads source information. Click here for more information. The source will explicitly show exactly what you enter here. If you leave the field EMPTY then the source will be "PPC" (Pay-Per-Click.)

Hashtag - Specify a hashtag for this squeeze link. This will add the hashtag to any leads that sign up from this link. It's excellent for connecting specific leads to specific squeeze links so you can see directly where they came from.

Area - Choose area you would like to pull info from the MLS for. This will show an average price of homes for sale in the website title, which is useful for Facebook Posts.


PPC Link - This box will contain the FULL link with all of the criteria you set. This type of link is typically required for Google Advertisements.

Short Link - This box contains an abbreviated link that will take people to the same results. But, the link is a bit shorter which makes it usable for mediums like text messages and spaces like twitter where the amount of characters you're allowed to use in your post is very limited.


  • You can copy these links using the icon to the right of each box, and save them in a spreadsheet or text file in case you need them again in the future.
  • Results will create a customized valuation link for that particular area you specified. you can triple click to copy - or - click into the field and copy the link and post into facebook, buffer/hootsuite, speciality facebook groups, etc.
  • It won't make sense to create a different link with the same source. You want your source to be unique for each different link criteria so that you can accurately track which ad is bringing in what amount of leads.


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