First, click on 'Lead Engine' on the left hand side of your kvCORE dashboard.

Then, find the IDX Squeeze Page Tile, and choose your desired domain, then click 'Start Building.'

For admins, domains are associated to Offices, Teams, and Agents, so be sure to select the right one. For Agents, generally you can only select your personal domain(s) from the list. Leads generated on the selected agent, team, or office domain go to that entities (agent, team, or office) lead routing rules. 

Click on the Market Report tab.

Location - Begin typing and select the location you want the report to cover.

Frequency - Choose how often the person subscribing will get the report sent to them.

Source - Set the lead source should someone submit their information to your website.

Hashtag - Set the hashtag should someone submit their information to your website.

Facebook Cover Photo - Depending on your MLS or State laws, you may need to specify what kind of photo shows in the Facebook preview when you post this link to Facebook.

Generate Link/Reset - Click the generate button to create the links to copy and post to social media or your advertising sources. Two link types are available. Short links which are useful for texting, and direct links which are needed for advertising platforms or to avoid getting blocked by social media spam filters. 

Image Selection - When posting a Market Report squeeze link to facebook, you can select which images from the report you want to display in the post. This is done after you paste the link into a facebook post and it loads a preview of what it will look like in a news feed.

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