If you want to showcase a list of particular properties for an advertisement, you can build a Squeeze Page of them manually. To create a Custom Squeeze Page of particular listings use the four main components shown below.

Your URL will have four components:





 mls1,mls2,mls3,mls4 (as many mls ID's as needed.)




The full URL for the custom squeeze page will look like this




What makes it a Squeeze Page link is always the source and hashtag that you add to the end of the URL. This is what enables the tracking statistics that you will use to monitor your link and advertising performance in business analytics. So, when creating Custom Squeeze Page links, always remember to include those components at the end. The source and hashtag are the same as you would specify in the text box in any of the other squeeze link builders.

The other thing you will need is the collection of specific MLS numbers that you want to link to. We will simply separate them by commas.

This squeeze page will only show the listings you enter after "mlsids=".

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