Text codes or custom text codes work via your kvCORE smart number.

In kvCORE, you create a code, and you also specify what the reply should be for that code. 

When you then publish that code onto advertising such as print marketing or signage, you prompt people to send that code as a text message to your smart number.

In this example, we have a custom code 'red' that can be texted to the number below it.

In the above example, we link our Millions Mapped App link as the response to 'red.'

This corresponds to my message on the sign, that tells people that I have a home search app they can use.

You can also utilize an MLS ID as the response. This will reply with a link to the property:

kvCORE knows who created which text codes. The phone numbers that text into the smart number with the text code are captured as text leads in kvCORE, and assigned to whoever created the code.

This kind of tool is perfect for print marketing or marketing in places where it's not possible for someone to tap or click on a link to get to your kvCORE website to be captured as a lead. 

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