To go on vacation, access your agent profile settings.

Open your menu at the upper right corner of the dashboard. It's labeled with your kvCORE email address. From the Main Menu, click 'My Profile.'

Access Agent Settings by clicking on the settings button on your profile page, at the top right of the page.

The vacation toggle removes you from automated lead routing from your Office, Team, or Company. 

Note: This is important to you, because if you are expected to follow up with leads that are given to you by your Agency, you could be held accountable for those follow-ups while you're away!  You may want to log in quickly each day and snooze your calls and tasks, or work out coverage with another agent to assist you with that while you're out.

When you toggle vacation mode on, you can optionally set a start and end date+time.

If you set no end date, vacation mode will stay on until you turn it off. If you choose no start date, then vacation mode starts when you save your changes at the bottom.

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