To setup your daily call parameters, access your agent profile settings.

Open your menu at the upper right corner of the dashboard. It's labeled with your kvCORE email address. From the Main Menu, click 'My Profile.'

Access Agent Settings by clicking on the settings button on your profile page, at the top right of the page.

You'll see the call creation settings in the center of the popup:

Using these settings you can alter the amount of calls the system wants you to make to contacts in your database.  There will always be a reason for the phone call that you will see on your screen before you call them that the system is watching out for 24/7 on your behalf. The more calls you can handle, the better your conversion rate from leads into clients will be.

Disclaimer: These are calls that are designed to be managed by the agent and these are reminder calls that the kvCORE system DOES NOT make the call but the agent does. The scheduled calls are a reminder for the agent to complete.


  • These calls are triggered off of events that are set in smart campaigns, or from events that your contacts will trigger as they use your website (like if they saved a listing.) 
  • The system will manage the priority of these events, up to the limit that is specified for # of calls to create each day.
  • The default settings you see above are recommended for new agents on kvCORE. 
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