Connecting your preferred Lender to your profile is easy and can bring all aspects of your business together, using the kvCORE platform. Once your Lender is added to your profile their information will display on the Finance page and automatically connect them to your new contacts.

To connect a lender, navigate to your profile settings. First, go to the dropdown menu on the top right of your account and select 'My Profile'.

Then click the blue 'Edit Profile' button.

Scroll down and you'll see 'Lender' as one of the editable fields.

If you work with a specific lender, you can choose them from the dropdown. If they are not available please reach out to your Admin for assistance! Brokers or Admins must enter new Lenders into the system where they can log in to manage leads.

Any new leads you generate after adding them to your profile will be assigned to this Lender in their dashboard. The Lender also appears on your website's 'Finance' tab.

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