Your basic profile information integrates with the 'Agent Profile' page on your kvCORE website.

To see your Agent page, navigate to your kvCORE website. Hover over 'Your Agent' and select 'Agent Profile' from the dropdown.

The Agent Profile page will display various information from your profile in kvCORE.

  1. Website Phone Number or kvCORE Smart Number

  2. Selected Designations

  3. Selected Languages

  4. License #

  5. Position

  6. Agent Bio

  7. Agent Listings

    1. If you do not have any personal listings linked to kvCORE your Office information will be visible.

Extra Fields

Some profile information that may be set on your Agent profile will not show on the front end of your website.

The following fields are for informational purposes only and will not show on your kvCORE website.

  • Credentials

  • Background

  • Education

  • Experience

  • Achievements

  • Community Involvement

TIP: Build email templates with this information that you send out to new contacts to show them why you are the best Agent for them! You can even add this to your 'About Me' section to display on the site.

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