Wondering what is a text code and how does it work? Click here.

To setup your default code, from the Lead Engine page, click into the Call Capture section.

Your permanently reserved custom code is your name that we call the 'default' code. On this page you can edit what happens if someone texts your name to your smart number. By default, your name is used in some places such as in Craigslist posts.

Find the Custom Text Codes section and click edit to the right of your default code:

If this is your first time on this page your name/default should be the only code listed.

After clicking edit, you must now set your default message. This is the message people will see when they get a reply from your default custom code.

Enter your message into the 'Reply' box, and then click save.


  • Link to your Millions Mapped page, a home search app that your contacts/leads can use to browse properties on their phone. TIP: Your millions mapped app link is unique to your personal kvCORE website. You can find more info on Millions Mapped here.
  • Link to your kvCORE website, citing your 'mobile office' as you should with your email signature and voicemail.


"Thanks for texting me! You can download and access my home search app here: http://red.ecomls.com/app.php "

"Hey! You've reached Red at ecomls.com! If you have any immediate questions ask me here, or visit my mobile office at http://red.ecomls.com/ "

Note - red.ecomls.com/app.php  is an example. Do not use it in your message!  The same goes for http://red.ecomls.com. You must find your kvCORE URL in your main menu, and add /app.php to the end of it to link to your Millions Mapped app.

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