The Zillow Reviews connector enables your kvCORE website to populate your 3 newest Zillow reviews in a widget on your Testimonials page.

You can link the Zillow testimonials widget to your Testimonials page by hovering over the Web & IDX tab and selecting 'Website Settings'. Then click 'Testimonials' from the navigation.

Then you'll need to input either the email linked to your Zillow account or your Zillow screen name. Simply enter one or the other and click 'Save.'

Please Note: In order for your Zillow reviews to populate you ill need to have at least 1 manually added Testimonial to your kvCORE site. This is to enable the testimonials tab on your kvCORE site. To learn more about manually adding testimonials click here.

Alternatively, you can connect your Zillow reviews from the testimonials control panel. You'll access the testimonial control panel by hovering over the Web & IDX tab and selecting 'Website Content'. The page will automatically open to testimonials. You'll then select the blue '+ Connect Zillow Reviews' button on the right side.

Once you enter a correct email address or screen name for a Zillow account that has reviews attached to it, they will appear on your website's testimonials.php page, on the right-hand side. 


Things to Note:

  • The Zillow Reviews Widget will link back to your profile on Zillow.

  • You can connect Zillow reviews to any site, but only one widget per site is possible. Meaning, you cannot combine reviews from multiple users into one widget. 

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