Anytime you want to ask your clients to leave you a testimonial, you can do so by simply sending them to your testimonials page, where they will see a form to fill out at the top of the page.

You can find your testimonials page, from the 'Your Agent' tab on your website. You'll then select 'Testimonials'.

Please Note: You must have manually added testimonials for the testimonial navigation bar to appear. To learn more about manually adding testimonials click here.

If you have your testimonials URL (the URL from the testimonials page. E.g., it would be a good idea to create a canned response that you can title 'Request Review' to send out yourself when you close a transaction, or to kick off a 'closed client' smart campaign! 

If someone does leave you a review, you can view it from your testimonials control panel in the Web & IDX section of your kvCORE dashboard. It will not be published on your site yet as these reviews will not be 'toggled on.'

To show the review on your site update the toggle.

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