When you receive an email from somewhere that has lead information in it, you can have kvCORE read it and add the lead by forwarding it to a special email address!

Where to Find Your Lead Dropbox Email

1. Click on 'Lead Engine' from the main navigation on the left-hand side of your kvCORE account.

2. Select 'Lead Dropbox' from the right.

3. Copy the kvCORE email address.

Please Note: If you are an Admin, you will have access to the keys and kvCORE email addresses for all of the entities of which you're an Admin (Team, Office, or Company). You will still see your personal Agent keys as well! Please be careful which email you copy.

Company - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent to your Company Lead Routing

Office - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent to your Office Lead Routing.

Team - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent to your Team Lead Routing.

Agent - New Leads sent to these resources will be sent directly to your personal database.

How the Lead Dropbox Email Works

Normally, when you get a lead from somewhere, like Realtor.com, you receive an email that tells you that you have a new lead. As long as that email has the leads' contact info in it, you can have that email forwarded to the kvCORE dropbox email, and kvCORE will create the lead for you in your SmartCRM. That way, there is no need for you to type in all the contact information by hand!

To get started, you can copy your import email using the 'Copy' button to the right of the email address. Then, you can start forwarding emails to it. 

In some cases such as with Realtor.com, you input this special email address into your lead parsing or forwarding settings and they will send the emails over to kvCORE automatically. For more information on Realtor.com lead forwarding, click here.

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Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing kvcore@insiderealestate.com!

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