Similar to forwarding emails to the import email address, you can attach and send entire CSV files as well. The attached file will be read and all of the contacts within it will be automatically added to kvCORE. This is an alternative method to using the Bulk Import Tool. The bulk import tool allows you to match each field from your source file exactly to the corresponding field in kvCORE, in addition to some basic follow-up functions that you can see here. However, some people find it faster to manipulate spreadsheets directly.

The difference between this and the bulk import tool is instead of manually matching the fields after you upload the file, you first paste in all of your contact info, then send the file in, and an automated process adds the contacts. There are no additional functions and it's completely automated.

Please Note - The import CSV that you send in must exactly match the template linked below. Do not alter the template headers or columns in any way, or your imported leads will have all of their information entered into the wrong fields in your system -  it will not be possible to fix. 

To use this import service:

1. Download this CSV Template .
2. Paste in all of the contact information under each corresponding header. Do not alter the header names or the order of columns in ANY WAY.
2. Set the subject of your email to: New Lead CSV
3. Attach your filled CSV File to the email, then send it to your kvCORE lead dropbox email address.

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