After an image is uploaded once, it's stored in an online storage folder where you can access it again in the future, to use on other emails/templates. You cannot replace an existing image with an image you have not uploaded previously. You must delete the image you added from the email builder, then drag a new image placeholder and then drag the new image into that placeholder to do so.

The online storage where your previously uploaded images are is accessed by clicking 'Browse' on the image placeholder...

...or if an image is already loaded, in the properties panel on the right hand side after the image is selected in the editor.


The location of your stored images should display when you attempt to browse/change image. If it does not, navigate to your personal images folder.

Click the Home Icon

Then click 'Agents' in the middle.

Then, search for your name in the upper right corner to find your personal folder.

All images you have uploaded will be there.

Remember, you cannot add new images to this folder directly, you must drag them onto the image placeholder the first time.

  • Click 'Insert' to use the image.
  • Click the 'Expand' icon (to the left of the trash can) to preview the full sized image.
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