One of the greatest additions to the Advanced Email template editor is the ability for you to utilize or create templates to use over and over again. Couple that with the dynamic content options and you can rapidly deploy professional emails to your Offices or teams, or just create an arsenal for yourself!

Templates are accessed using the template drop-down at the top of the editor.

There are two template types.

- The basic (pencil) icon denotes a basic template. Clicking on a basic template while on the advanced editor will wipe out everything in your advanced editor and load the basic editor with the selected template.

- The advanced (masonry tile) icon denotes an advanced template. Choosing an advanced template will overwrite anything you have entered into the advanced editor.

The built-in kvCORE templates that you can search for are:

  • Event

  • Generic HTML (Header With Logo)

  • New Listing

  • Newsletter

  • Open House Announcer

  • Recruiting

  • Single Property

  • Holiday - Halloween

  • Holiday - Happy Holidays

  • Holiday - Happy New Year

  • Holiday - Thanksgiving

  • Happy Birthday

  • Happy Home Anniversary

Feel free to type out any of those template names to load it into the editor! You can modify the content in any way.

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