Questions and showing requests that capture new leads will generate a unique email notification. The subject of the email will say: New Lead w/ Showing Request - [Lead Name], or New Lead w/ Question - [Lead Name].


Questions may be asked by contacts via your kvCORE website. Whenever they are viewing a property, there is a call to action where a question may be asked.

After they fill out their question into a form, it generates a 'Question' tile in your activity stream.

  1. Contact's name.
  2. How long ago the question was submitted.
  3. Address of the property the question references.
  4. Question contents.
  5. Answer button to reply to question.

Clicking the answer link will bring up a form to reply with. Simply type in your response and click send.

Once you have done so, the link will be marked as 'Answered.'

Showing Requests

Showing requests are similar to questions in the sense that they are sent via your kvCORE website, using the 'Go Visit This Property' button on your kvCORE website.

After they fill out the request form, a 'Requested Showing' tile is created in your activity stream.

  1. Contact's name.
  2. Time elapsed since request.
  3. Address associated with request.
  4. Respond to request.

Clicking 'Respond' displays the response form.

  • MLSID - ID of the listing.
  • Date - Date which they would like to visit the property.
  • Waiting - Date the request was sent to you.
  • Question - Their message associated with the request. The message 'I'd like to see...' shown above is the default pre-filled message.
  • Does This Date Work? - Choose if the requested date will work or not. You can cancel the request, reschedule, or agree with the date.
  • Your Response - Enter a message to accompany your intent. If the contact has a phone number it will be texted. Otherwise, an email will be sent.

After clicking 'Send Response' the message is sent. The next time you look at your activity stream the showing request will not be visible. If you open the lead to review their timeline, the text or email and intent you specified will be shown as two separate simultaneous events..

CASL Information: When a contact visits your website and initiates a Showing Request or Question, the contact will land within the dashboard as "Implied Consent".

  • You may want to add a hashtag to a contact that landed via a Question or Showing inquiry to remind you when their consent is almost expired
  • The date of the six months Implied Consent starts the day the contact is added manually into kvCORE
  • When the six months is up, the contact is unsubbed and a note is added to the timeline

To learn more about CASL click here.

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