If you just want a direct link to the listing that you can copy and paste into any other medium or message outside of kvCORE, you will find it on the property details page at the upper right hand side, just under the send email button.

This will link to the property on your personal kvCORE website.

To pull up a listing:

Navigate to the listings tab in kvCORE.

The quicksearch shown above is a very fast way to filter out exactly what you're looking for, provided you know the information offhand. You can search for one thing at a time, with the exception of MLS ID's which may be separated out by column.
In the search bar, you may type: 

  • city, st
  • Listing agent name. You cannot search for partial names. Start with a first name, then enter the last name. If there is a middle initial in the name in the database you will need to include it before getting to the last name.
  • MLS ID - Separate more than one ID with a comma. This will produce a specific list of properties.
  • You may also search property addresses. Unlike listing agent names, you can search for partial address. 


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