After opening the details page of a listing in kvCORE you'll find two buttons for similar and nearby listings. 

Similar listings will meet the following criteria:

  • Within 10 miles of the listing.
  • Same State as the listing.
  • Between 75% and 125% of the value of the listing.
  • Similar visual style.
  • Built within the same time frame.The timeframes are:Before 19501950-19701970-1990After 1990

  Those properties listed on the 'Nearby Listings' tab can be sorted by distance up to 3 miles away:

On both tabs you have the same strategies for sending those properties out in a list, by text or email, and mass email.

To send them to a single person:

Select the properties you want to include, and click the email or text buttons at the top of the list.

Mass-Send Similar Or Nearby Listings

Similar to the method to send these listings to a single person, begin by selecting the ones you want to include in your message.

Then, click on the 'More Actions' menu, and choose to mass-send to a hashtag by email or text.

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