On your Smart Campaigns page  there are two libraries:

My Library

If you don't have any campaigns listed in 'My Library' then you don't have any campaigns setup.

Listed in 'My Library' are all the campaigns that you can 'enable' so that they get assigned and run automatically to new leads. To enable or disable a campaign, use the switch under the status column to the far right of each one. (This is also the 'active' switch shown above.)

If you disable a campaign, it will never be automatically assigned to any contacts. 

To edit a campaign, click on the campaign name. You will then see the editing controls for the campaign.

How Do I Add Default Campaigns From The 'kvCORE Library' To 'My Library'?

If your personal library doesn't have any campaigns, you can review the default campaign in the kvCORE Library at the top of the page. 

It contains all of the pre-built 'default' campaigns designed by Inside Real Estate that you can use from day 1 until you figure out how you want to change them. 

To review what's in the library, click on the arrow at the far right to expand it.

Use the ' Add to My Library ' button at the far right of each campaign to quickly add it to your personal library.

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