Unfortunately, the Facebook functionality that automatically creates preview images from squeeze links is a moving target, and from time to time, it doesn't work correctly. 

Facebook frequently changes things on their end, and when they do they don't always let us know. 

Here are 2 things you can do now to handle this issue. 

Option 1 - You can use Facebook's, Debug Tool. Paste the link you're trying to post there and click "Debug"... then click "Scrape Again." A lot of times it'll fetch the right image and will start working when you try to post to Facebook again. 

Option 2 - Upload Your Own Image. Even though it's convenient that Facebook can auto-grab images from Squeeze links, you might find that it's actually better to manually upload an image (or better yet a video) about the list you're trying to post.


To add your own personal image, first paste in the short link, then click the "x" on the image to remove:

It's a little extra work to do this, but you'll likely find that you get more engagement from your post when you use unique images and videos instead of the automatically generated images. 

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