CORE Concierge leverages's extensive follow-up service to provide Agents and Admins a streamlined, guaranteed plan for lead nurturing. Agents and Admins can then dedicate that additional time to winning listings, closing transactions, and generating more leads for their pipeline.

Agents no longer have to worry about wasting precious time every day on trying to follow up with unresponsive online leads and Admins can be assured that company-generated leads are being successfully nurtured on a consistent basis.

CORE Concierge can be purchased at the Agent, Team, Office or Company level. However, Concierge will only work the leads owned by the proper entity (Agent, Team, Office or Company).

Please Note: If you already have a account, you are unable to connect that to your kvCORE account through CORE Concierge. There is, however, a way for your lead summaries to be pushed into lead records in kvCORE. For more information, click here.

CORE Concierge At A Glance

Verse uses a combination of real people trained on and dedicated to converting real estate leads and AI-driven software to connect and engage with leads on a regular basis. This approach results in around 30% of all leads being qualified and passed back to the agent for further communication.

To get started, just log into your kvCORE account and navigate to your Marketplace tab. Scroll down until you see the CORE Concierge tile and click "Learn More".

You are able to control which leads are funneled to this service by choosing specific sources upon purchasing this Marketplace Add-on. At this time, manually added and imported leads cannot be selected as sources.

TIP: The list of sources will match your current list of sources in your kvCORE account so make sure you have at least one lead in the Smart CRM with your desired source prior to purchasing and setting up CORE Concierge.

After purchasing CORE Concierge, all matching leads generated from your chosen sources moving forward will be passed to Verse; existing leads will not be sent. All leads will automatically have #verse-start added for easy tracking as well.

The subscription level you choose upon purchase also decides how many initial leads are funneled as well as the per lead overage charge.

Please Note: You will receive an overage charge alert via email when kvCORE has sent 90% of the chosen amount of leads to the concierge service.

kvCORE will then send a confirmation email upon reaching 100% of the chosen amount of leads and will immediately stop sending leads to avoid overage charges.

Make sure to choose the subscription plan that fits the amount of leads you can confidently expect to generate from your sources since the monthly amount of leads sent does not rollover into the next. For example, if you have a subscription to send 100 leads through CORE Concierge and only generate 80 that month, you will not be able to send 120 the next month, only the regular 100.

You have the option to upgrade your subscription upon receiving the second email stating you have reached your limit if you wish to continue nurturing leads through CORE Concierge. Simply go back to the Marketplace tile and walk through the steps again, purchasing the next level up to increase your lead cap.

To learn how CORE Concierge nurtures and qualifies your leads, click here.

If you have any questions or need further assistance when purchasing CORE Concierge, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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