There are three ways to get to the Manual Post section:

1) From The Homepage

From your Homepage, click the "+Create Post" link at the top under the 'Scheduled Posts' box.

2) From The Social Media Dashboard

Hover over the Social Media tab at the top and then click 'Dashboard' to be brought to the Social Media dashboard.

Click on the '+Custom Post' button on the social calendar to the bottom right.

3) From Anywhere Else 

Hover over the Social Media tab at the top and then click 'Create A Post' to be brought to the manual post page.

Manual Post Options

From the manual post page, you can post a message with a link and a photo, or a listing with a custom message or the listing description.

Start by selecting which social accounts to post to.
Then select

Next, you must choose one of three kinds of posts.

Content Post

Select a 'Content' post to add your own message, link, and image. 

  1. Text/Body of your post.

  2. Image to post.

  3. Include a website link of your choosing. 

The image and the link are optional.

Listing With Custom Message

Select 'My Listings' to create a post using one of your listings.
Please note that you cannot choose a Marketplace Listing (MPL)

  1. Select 'Custom Message' to specify your own post message. 

  2. Select the listing you want to post about.

  3. Enter the content of the post.

The posting will link to and preview your Property Site.

Multiple Listings With Default Text

  1. Select 'Default Listing Text' to post more than one property.

  2. Select the properties you want to post.

A summary of the selected properties appears in a list on the right hand side.


After selecting and entering what you want to post, the last step is to schedule a post for the future, which adds it to your social calendar, or you can opt to just post it right away.

If you decide to schedule the post you will need to select the day and time you wish the content to be posted on.

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