Inside Real Estate has partnered with BombBomb to bring CORE Video to kvCORE and every user now has access to the basic version of CORE Video powered by BombBomb at no cost.

TIP: Your premade videos will sync over into kvCORE's video library, but your premade video templates will not. If you are not seeing that the videos have synced, please reach out to

If you have already purchased a CORE Video - Premium subscription, click here!

CORE Video At A Glance

There is both a free (basic) and a paid (premium) version of CORE Video available in your kvCORE account.

CORE Video - Basic

All kvCORE users have access to 10 included videos that reset on the first of each month. These videos may only be sent via email and to individual contacts, not multiple contacts at once.

Please Note: kvCORE does not track video analytics for CORE Video - Basic users, meaning you will need to keep track of how many videos you send each month up to your limit of 10.

CORE Video - Premium

Users can tap into the full suite of their favorite BombBomb features when they upgrade to CORE Video Premium.

The Premium version gives you access to unlimited video messages sent via email and text, BombBomb's Chrome extension, a video library in kvCORE to store your videos, and access to send video messages through the kvCORE app.

To purchase CORE Video - Premium simply go to your Marketplace tab and scroll down until you see the CORE Video - Premium tile.

TIP: If you are an Admin, you may purchase CORE Video in bulk for the Agents in your Company, Office, or Team, depending on what type of Admin you are. To learn more about CORE Video for Groups, click here.

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How to Use CORE Video

If you have any questions or need further assistance while using CORE Video, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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