Inside Real Estate's ongoing goal is to ensure the unedited 'Hero' and 'Material' template websites meet WCAG 2.1 level AA standards. Learn more about WCAG here.

Please Note: If you customize your website it may have an impact on accessibility. Inside Real Estate is not liable for any fees or penalties incurred due to this.

TIP: If you are currently using the 'Foundation' template for your website, please update your template theme to 'Hero' to take advantage of the ADA accessibility.

Compliance Updates

Throughout 2020 IRE has made significant changes to increase web accessibility, including ensuring that:

  • All listing images and base template images have ALT tags

  • Form fields all have labels

  • Contrasts between page elements meet the standards

  • Buttons have accessible names and clearly identified uses

  • CSS styles are accessible and compliant

  • Column headers and rows are identifiable with a screen reader

  • Unique ids are present on all elements

  • JavaScript, including JavaScript handlers, are accessible from the keyboard

Watch the ADA Compliance webinar with LeadingRE and learn how Inside Real Estate is addressing the increased spotlight on real estate website compliance concerns.

Compliance Evaluation

Inside Real Estate has evaluated compliance with WCAG 2.1 level AA by utilizing two methods:

  1. Leveraging an auto scanning WCAG 2.1 tool (we used a tool called PowerMapper) to identify key areas that need remediation to ensure level AA compliance.

  2. Using screen reader technology available in commonly used internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) to validate improvements and eliminate false positives from the automated tools.

    You can see a screen reader in action here during one of the website tests.

Moving Forward

Inside Real Estate will continue to work to ensure the unedited 'Hero' and 'Material' website templates utilizes the standards defined in ADA guidelines, FHA rules, and common web accessibility standards.

It is important to remember key guiding principles for accessibility, including ensuring:

  • All images have an ALT tag that describes the content of the image

  • All form fields have labels

  • Any JavaScript doesn’t cause the page to be inaccessible, particularly for users unable to use a mouse and using the keyboard to navigate

ADA Accessibility Statement on Your Website

In the footer of your website, you will see an “Accessibility” link.

Clicking that link will take a visitor to the accessibility statement.

Hide WCAG Website Setting

In the list of Website settings available to you in kvCORE you will see a 'Hide WCAG' option that is defaulted to toggled off.

This only refers to the accessibility statement that was discussed above and not the template's structure itself; your website will still technically meet WCAG 2.1 AA standards regardless of this setting.

If you toggle the setting on, however, the accessibility statement will be removed from your Accessibility page and visitors will be directed to contact you directly for assistance. Thus, it's strongly recommended to leave this setting defaulted to off.

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