CORE Print powered by Deluxe offers an expansive, high quality, budget-friendly print suite of postcards and other types of print material that you can access without leaving your kvCORE dashboard.

Accessing CORE Print

The CORE Print suite can only be enabled by a kvCORE Account Owner and they must reach out to their Account Manager in order to do so. Once the CORE Print SSO has been added to the account, all users will be able to access it via their left navigation menu.

When you click on the CORE Print tab, you will be taken to your user account on Deluxe's website where you can access the entire suite of products available to you as a kvCORE user.

  • CORE Print Exclusives
    - Mini Postcards (6x4.25)
    - Brochures (11x8.5)
    - Flyers (8.5x11)

  • Postcards
    - Property Specific >
    - Sizes Available: Mini (6x4.25), Jumbo (8.5x5.5), Oversized (10.5x5.5), and Business Card Tearoff (8.5x3.5)
    - Styles Available: Listed/Sold, Co-listing, Market Update, and Multiple Properties
    - Seasonal >
    - Sizes Available: Jumbo (8.5x5.5) - can come with or without a calendar on one side
    - Styles Available: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spanish Seasonal Series, Year Round, and Sports
    - Series >
    - Sizes Available: Jumbo (8.5x5.5)
    - Styles Available: Environment & Awareness, Happy at Home, Lifestyle, Sellers Buyers & DIY, Recipes, and Create Your Own
    - Agent Announcements >
    - Sizes Available: Jumbo (8.5x5.5) and Business Card Tearoff (8.5x3.5)
    - EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail)

  • Brochures
    - 1 sided (8.5x11)
    - 2 sided (8.5x11)
    - 11x17 folds to 8.5x11
    - 25.5x11 folds to 8.5x11
    - Co-listing

  • Brand Staples (Business Cards)

  • Other (Calendars)

  • Drip Campaigns
    - Seasonal (set of 12 postcards scheduled to mail throughout the year)
    - Minimal, Vintage, and Traditional
    - Lifestyle (set of 15 postcards scheduled to mail throughout the year)
    - First Time Buyers, Upsizing, Empty Nesters, and Buying a Second Home
    - Environment and Awareness (set of 9 postcards to mail throughout the year)
    - Financial Fundamentals (set of 14 postcards to mail throughout the year)
    - Enhanced Home (set of 20 postcards to mail throughout the year)
    - Home Checklist (set of 6 postcards to mail throughout the year)

Leads and Contacts

All of your kvCORE contacts with a complete address (primary address, city, state, and zip) will sync over into Deluxe's system automatically.

The CORE Print tab on the left of your kvCORE account re-syncs your data each time you click into it so all the leads you see will be the most up-to-date list.

Please Note: In order to access your kvCORE contacts, you will click on Leads and Contacts > kvCORE. Clicking on 'My Contacts' will not take you to your synced kvCORE contacts.

You will see two options: "Search by Hashtag" and "Search by Name". Searching using either method will allow you to select the desired contacts to add to a Postal List.

Once you have checked the boxes next the leads' names you can click the 'Import' button in order to create the list.

A pop-up box will appear asking you to name your new Postal List.

Once you click 'Import' the list will be created and you can now select it as a mailing list when ordering a print product.

TIP: If you are working in both kvCORE and CORE Print simultaneously and you create a hashtag or add a new lead, you will need to click on the 'Sync kvCORE' button in order for the new data to appear in your CORE Print account. Otherwise, the data won't sync until the next time you click on the CORE Print tab in kvCORE.

My Listings

All of your primary listings will be automatically synced from kvCORE into CORE Print for you to use when selecting and customizing a print product.

If you click on one of your listings you will be taken to the marketing page where you are able to click the 'Market' button and have CORE Print suggest a compatible print product for you.

If you do not have any personal listings, you can still use CORE Print by uploading your own images when customizing a postcard or brochure.

Please Note: Only the listings on which you are the primary agent will sync into CORE Print; no listings that you are co-listed as an agent will sync.

Photo Galleries

If you would like to change any of your listings' photos or upload non-listing images for use in a postcard or brochure, you have access to do so under Photos > Galleries.

From your galleries, you may upload or import images as needed or click on a specific photo to edit or delete it.

Looking for more info on CORE Print? Click here for our FAQs!

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