There are many areas within kvCORE that allow you to upload your own image(s) for use with various tools. The below list contains each of those locations along with the recommended dimensions for uploading and sending/displaying.

Web & IDX

Background Image

The first setting that appears in your website settings list is the Background Image that displays in the header of your website. If you would like to upload your own image, you may do so there.

The recommended dimensions are 1600px wide by 650px high.

TIP: To ensure a shorter website load time for your visitors, try to use a smaller image file size by avoiding super high resolution images. The larger the file size, the longer it will take to load on your website.

The second setting that appears in your website settings list is the option to upload a Secondary Logo.

The recommended dimensions are 512px wide by 512px high. You will need to resize and/or crop your image into a square format in order for it to look the best.

Blog Posts

While there are no strict image dimensions when adding an image to a blog post, the maximum file size is 2MB.

Entity Profile

Profile images for Agents, Lenders, Companies, Offices, and Teams all need to have dimensions of 512px wide by 512px high and you should resize and/or crop your image into a square format in order for it to look the best.

If you upload an image larger than 512x512 kvCORE will automatically reduce the image size to the required dimension. This is also the sizing needed for profile images when using a WordPress website.

Lead Engine

Landing Pages

When creating a Landing Page there is an option to use your own custom background image instead of one of the provided default images.

The recommended dimensions are 1000px wide by 758px high.

Advanced Email Editor

Image Widget

When creating an email using the Advanced Email Editor feature, we recommend using an image that is 500px wide.

The tool was built to automatically resize any uploaded image to a 500px wide dimension. The ratio aspect will match the height to that width length, but using an image that is originally 500px wide will help keep the image from getting too small or stretched.

To learn more about adding in and sizing your images with the Advanced Email Editor, click here.

Icons Widget

When using this widget to add in an icon, the widget will ask what size the image file should be displayed as. Simply choose the best looking option from the 'Icon size' drop-down.


Manual Listings

When adding a listing manually, there is an option to upload images of the property.

The recommended dimensions are 1440px wide by 1080px high. The maximum image file size is 5MB.

Modified/Enhanced Listings

For any personal listings you are able to enhance the description and gallery as needed with updated information and/or images.

The recommended dimensions for adding new images to one of your listings are 1440px wide by 1080px high.

MLS Image Uploads

When adding new listings into your MLS, knowing they will feed onto your kvCORE website, we recommend uploading images that are at least 1440px wide by 1080px high.

Matching these minimum dimensions will ensure the listing photos will display properly on your website in the listing's details page.

If an image from the MLS does not fit those dimensions, kvCORE will automatically resize the image to fit within the display window on the listing's details page.

If you have any trouble resizing your images or uploading them, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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