What is dashCMA?

dashCMA is an award winning pricing tool helping real estate professionals facilitate the most effective & compelling pricing discussions with buyers & sellers.

With dashCMA, real estate agents can demonstrate a modern pricing perspective that helps them win more listings, win more accepted offers and more importantly, win their Client’s trust. See how it works here!

dashCMA helps win listings and competitively price offers; this system is not built for lead generation or lead nurturing, but when partnered with kvCORE Agents can have it all!

For more information on dashCMA, click here.

What is a CMA?

"CMA" stands for "Comparative Marketing Analysis" and is a tool used by real estate agents to help bring awareness to their Clients regarding market trends and highlight current trends in the active/pending/sold market for recent comparables to help their Buyers and Sellers feel more comfortable with a listing or offer price.

It is not the same as an appraisal. That is a licensed appraiser’s unbiased opinion of a home’s market value based on comparable recent sales in the neighborhood.

How is dashCMA different than other CMA products/tools?

Traditional CMA products lean heavy on what has happened previously in the market versus what is currently happening. dashCMA illustrates both.

Traditional CMA products are often quite lengthy and overwhelming. dashCMA is a simplified yet concentrated illustration of all the angles to take into account for pricing a property.

Traditional CMA products aren’t nimble. dashCMA is agile to illustrate the pricing nuances. For example, the difference in pricing of homes with or without pools, with or without views and illustrating pricing caution for properties that could inadvertently be priced similarly to much larger or higher bed count properties.

My MLS/Brokerage offers a different CMA solution; why should I use dashCMA?

dashCMA was created because the founder, an agent herself, felt there was a void in pricing perspective products. The current products provide a tremendous amount of information but aren’t structured in a manner to enable a meaningful pricing conversation between agent and Client. Take the following situations:

Situation One:

After showing your buyer 10 homes they leave the last home in love with it, overwhelmed with the possibility of losing it, and wanting quick, straightforward information to help them decide what price to submit as their offer.

You open dashCMA, plug in the address, and from there you see a clean, straightforward dashboard perspective that helps your buyer understand the comps as well as the active market to inform a confident price submission all before leaving the driveway.

You can show your buyer if pricing favorability is in their favor, how it compares to other active homes on the market, what the respected public estimates are, and have a meaningful pricing conversation.

Situation Two:

You meet with a new seller who believes their home has more appeal than all the other homes in the area and wants a quick sale at top dollar.

You open dashCMA, type in the address, and review Active, Pending, and Closed homes in the area. You can show your seller if pricing is skewing towards the buyer, whether sales have slowed, or if there is a lot of fresh competition in the area. You can also respond to the seller’s sentiment regarding their home having more appeal than all others by browsing through photos of comparable properties and noting ones that are aesthetically similar.

Those properties are then plotted on a visual scale with public estimates like Zillow along with Active/Pending/Closed averages, most recently added comparables, and comparables with/without specific features that enabled you to have a meaningful pricing conversation.

Can I use dashCMA on all my devices?

Yes! You can seamlessly use dashCMA on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices. You are also able to access your dashCMA account on multiple devices at the same time as the need arises.

Will dashCMA integrate with my kvCORE account?

Yes! You will have access to dashCMA from your kvCORE account from the list of tabs to the left.

There is also a blue "Login with kvCORE" button on the login page for dashCMA.

How do dashCMA and kvCORE integrate?

kvCORE and dashCMA integrate in three ways:

  1. Single Sign-On (SSO) as shown above, meaning you can quickly log into dashCMA from your kvCORE account.
  2. Profile Sync, meaning your kvCORE profile information will auto-fill most of your dashCMA setting fields upon logging in for the first time. To learn more about the settings in dashCMA, click here.
  3. Contact Address Auto-fill, meaning you can easily send a lead's address to dashCMA and begin building a CMA with the information in their kvCORE contact record.

If I already have dashCMA can I purchase kvCORE and connect the two accounts?

Yes! If you have a stand-alone dashCMA account and wish to purchase kvCORE, the two platforms can be integrated. Just let your Sales Rep and Implementation Rep know.

Is dashCMA available in my market?

Probably! dashCMA is connected to over 70% of the MLSes throughout the US.

Please Note: At this time, dashCMA is only available for Canadian users who are members of TREB.

If you are interested in purchasing dashCMA, please talk with your Sales Rep to confirm availability in your area.

Where does dashCMA pull its data from?

dashCMA pulls data from public county courthouse tax records when setting up the criteria on the subject property - the listing you are helping price for either seller or buyer.

dashCMA then pulls data from your MLS for comparable properties, which include Active, Pending, and Closed listings.

How often is dashCMA's data updated?

The data is updated in real-time. There is no delay between the information accessed directly with the MLS and the information accessed with dashCMA. Third party estimates are also in real-time. We are constantly adding advancements to dashCMA as well to keep it the sharpest and most sophisticated pricing perspective model on the market.

If I am a member of multiple MLS boards is dashCMA able to connect with all of them?

It depends. dashCMA must have access to that MLS board's data feed in order to offer it to users.

If you are an active member of more than one MLS board and dashCMA integrates with all of them, you will be able to access all of them. If dashCMA has not yet integrated with that MLS board you will be unable to utilize their data.

Please Note: At this time, dashCMA is unavailable in Canada although it is on the roadmap for a future platform update.

If you are interested in purchasing dashCMA, please talk with your Sales Rep to confirm availability in your area.

Am I able to price land as well as properties?

No. At this time dashCMA does not support pricing land comparables, but it is on the roadmap for a future platform update.

Why are my updates to the subject property's criteria not saving?

If you want to change any of the criteria on the subject property page, you must click the orange checkmark to the right in order to save it.

How do I restrict the year built for comparables?

dashCMA will default to a build year range that begins at the build year for your subject property and ends at the most recent year. You can adjust this range under the 'Year Built' section.

Can I use acreage instead of square footage?

Yes! Simply click into 'Total Lot Size' and toggle the criteria to 'ACRE'.

The best way to share the CMA report with your Client(s) is by sending them the interactive link via email.

However, if you or your Client are experiencing difficulties receiving the email, you may need to wait a few more minutes for the email provider to populate the email from dashCMA. Please also check your Spam folder as sometimes email providers' spam filters mistakenly flag the link.

If you cannot find the email in your Spam folder and it has been more than 30 minutes, please reach out to Customer Support by emailing support@insiderealestate.com.

TIP: You can also download the PDF and email the file to your Client(s) as an alternative.

Why are some of the Features options greyed out and unclickable?

If dashCMA pulls all Active, Pending, and Closed comparable listings from your MLS and NONE of those listings have one of the available features, that feature's 'Yes' checkbox will not be an option to choose since none of the comps have it.

If dashCMA pulls all Active, Pending, and Closed comparable listings from your MLS and ALL of those listings have one of the available features, that feature's 'No' checkbox will not be an option to choose since all of the comps have it.

For instance, you might see that 'Property Pool' only allows you to check 'Yes'. This means that all matching comps have a pool. If some of the comps had a pool while others did not then you would be able to check either 'Yes' or 'No' for your subject listing's features.

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If you have any further questions about dashCMA, please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing support@insiderealestate.com!

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