What are Semi-Custom Website Templates?

Semi-Custom Website Templates are an easy, hands-off way to take your existing kvCORE website template and apply expert design knowledge to create an attractive home page.

Inside Real Estate's in-house Professional Services team use the website customization tools that are already available to you within kvCORE and take them above and beyond their functionality, incorporating them into more advanced methods of styling and display.

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What are the differences between the templates?

There are three different website templates to choose from. These are outlined here.

The main difference is the amount of Featured Areas that come with each template.

What does the process look like?

There are 4 different stages to the overall process, from beginning to end.


To order a Semi-Custom Website Template, simply log into kvCORE and navigate to the Marketplace tab on the left.

You can then click on the "Website" button on the top to the right to view the "Semi-Custom Templates & Custom Featured Areas" tile or click on the "Enhance My Website" button in the blue "I want to:" slider.

Once you find the tile, click "Learn More" to watch a short video explaining your options and to purchase this add-on.


You will receive an email acknowledging the order and it will include a Getting Started Form.

Once you have completed the Getting Started Form one of our Professional Services Representatives will create a mock-up design for you within 1 to 2 business weeks.


While the Professional Services Website Developer creates the mock-up for you, they may occasionally reach out to work with you on your preferences via email or phone.

You have 2 revisions available once the initial mock-up is completed.

Please Note: It is important that you compile the full list of changes you would like to make for each revision instead of sending them individually to the Professional Services Team.

A revision is used after the Professional Services Team makes the requested change(s), so if you have a list of 5 edits, but send them one-by-one, you would only see the first 2 changed and have no further revisions available. To avoid this, you would need to send all 5 to the Professional Services Team Representative which would count as your first (or second) revision.


Upon receiving your approval of the final mock-up, the Professional Services Team will publish your newly designed website template on your kvCORE subdomain and it will be live shortly thereafter to the public online.

Why should I order a Semi-Custom Website Template?

There are many reasons why you may want to use a Semi-Custom Website Template, but some of the most important are:

  • Increased website engagement through the Featured Areas

  • Increase in lead generation through the Calls to Action

  • Increased SEO via additional home page content that provides Google with more keywords to index

  • Overall more professional and personalized website that stands out online

In order to build the Featured Area links, please review this video:

Can I edit the template myself?

Yes! Because the Professional Services Team uses website editing tools that are already available to you within kvCORE, you will retain access to both the tools and the customizations that the team has published for you.

There are two areas you might wish to edit:

  1. The Content

  2. The Images

Editing Content

To access the editor, click on the Web & IDX tab to the left of your kvCORE account.

You will then click on the "Go To Site Editor" button to the right.

You will be taken to the website editor which shows your kvCORE website's home page with a table of editing options that you can use to view the HTML code the Professional Services Team used to customize your website.

Editing Images

In the future, you may wish to change some of the initial images you approved during your revisions and you may do so by following the above steps for editing content.

Once you find the string of code for the image you would like to swap out, you can replace it with your new image's link.

Please Note: The new image must be hosted online and its URL should be used to replace the existing image's link.

Header Images - 1900px wide by 650px high

Featured Areas Image - 440px wide by 300px high

Can I use a custom domain with my Semi-Custom Website Template?

Yes! Because Semi-Custom Website Templates only affect the home page design of your kvCORE website, you will still be able to use a custom domain for your website.

If you would like to know more about purchasing a Vanity Domain Add-on, please click here.

Can I add Custom Pages to the Semi-Custom Website Template?

Yes! Because Semi-Custom Website Templates only affect the home page design of your kvCORE website, you are still able to add Custom Pages to your website and adjust the default navigation in the top menu to display a quick link to the page.

If you would like to learn how to add Custom Pages, please click here.

Can I display Exclusive, Coming Soon, or Sold listings on my Semi-Custom Website Template?

Yes! Because Semi-Custom Website Templates only affect the home page design of your kvCORE website, you can add Exclusive, Coming Soon, or Sold listings to the Listings tab in your kvCORE account and have them automatically display on your website.

To learn more about adding these types of listings, please click here.

Who do I contact if I have a question or problem with my Semi-Custom Website Template?

If you have already purchased a Semi-Custom Website Template and have questions or issues, please email Professional Services at professional@insidrealestate.com.

If you have not already purchased a Semi-Custom Website Template and would like to learn more, please see the additional article we have linked below or click here to schedule a consultation.

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