There are several types of user roles within the kvCORE platform:

  1. Company Admin

  2. Office Admin

  3. Team Admin

  4. Agent

  5. Lender

Each user added to a kvCORE account has a base Agent-type profile and then Admin permissions are granted to specific users, as needed, after they are added. For more information on how to add new users, click here.

Admin Roles

The below infographic gives a high-level overview of each Admin-type role and their abilities within kvCORE. You will notice that the three Admin roles are nested under one another which means that a user who has a higher Admin level can control their entity and the other entities under them.

For example, if you are a Company Admin you have the ability to access and edit almost everything for your entire account which includes every Office, Team, and Agent entity you may have within your kvCORE account. You also have the power to approve changes on behalf of the Account Owner, if that is not yourself.

If you are an Office Admin you will only have access to edit the Office(s) you are an Admin of and any Team(s) that are within that Office entity. Occasionally, you may need to obtain approval for changes from a Company Admin or the Account Owner.

A Team Admin will only be able to access and edit certain areas of their Team entity, like editing their Team website or adding Team-specific Lenders. Anything outside of the Team entity will require assistance from an Office Admin or approval from a Company Admin.

Please Note: Team Admins cannot add Agents to their team entity so a Company or Office Admin will need to do this in order for a new Agent to be a part of that Team entity. Team Admins are able to remove Agents from their team entity, however.

Suggested Admin Actions

Company Admins have the highest access level of kvCORE on the brokerage's side. These are users who need access to make account-wide decisions, edit the Company and Office website(s), add or remove other users, and create Lead Routing Rules.

Office Admins are usually specific to individual Offices and assist the Company Admin when working in kvCORE. These are users who need access to add or remove users associated with that specific Office entity or those who manage the Office's website and Lead Routing Rules, but do not need access to the Company's settings or the kvCORE account as a whole.

Both Company and Office Admins are strongly encouraged to complete the below Learning Portal courses and attend the associated training webinar:

  1. kvCORE Platform Configuration for Admins - teaches you how to properly and fully set up your kvCORE account. Not all reviewed capabilities are available to Office Admins.

  2. Admin Success Plan - reviews recommended best practices for motivating and tracking your agents use of kvCORE and includes a live training webinar.

  3. Introducing kvCORE to Your Lender - advises how to best incorporate your Lender partner(s) into kvCORE and includes resources for doing so.

Team Admins are leaders who have formed a recognized team within their specific brokerage's Office and who need to advertise their real estate team on a team-specific website. They are encouraged to complete the below Learning Portal courses:

  1. kvCORE Recruiting Tools & Strategies - teaches you how to fully utilize kvCORE's built-in recruiting tools and common strategies to generate agent leads.

  2. How To Use kvCORE & “OPC” To Recruit Agents To Your Team - reviews advanced recruiting concepts and strategies to supercharge your recruiting methods.

Agent & Lender Roles

Agent and Lender roles are very similar as shown by the infographic below, but there are some important differences.

Lenders fulfill a very specific role within a kvCORE account and have very similar access to Agent users with the exception of not having a personal website or a Web & IDX tab.

Like Agents, Lenders may only access the data and tools in their kvCORE profile and cannot view any other user's information or effect changes to the account as a whole.

Agents make up the bulk of kvCORE users and by default all user roles have the same underlying access to main tools, like Landing Pages, Smart Campaigns, Behavioral Automation, the Marketplace, etc..

They only have access to their own user profile and website within kvCORE and cannot add or remove other users. While they do have the ability to view their personal statistics in the Business Analytics tab they are limited to viewing only their data and leads.

Suggested Agent & Lender Actions

Agents need to complete the below courses and attend the associated webinars in order to use kvCORE to its fullest potential and grow their businesses on the platform:

  1. Agent Success Plan - shows you how to completely set up your kvCORE profile, import your book of business, recommends daily best practices, and showcases various lead generation and lead nurture tools. Includes four live training webinars.

  2. How to Create & Promote Virtual Open House Events - teaches you how to virtually hold open houses and advertise them online.

Lenders are encouraged to complete the below Learning Portal courses and attend the associated webinar:

  1. Lender Success Plan - reviews best practices for working with your Agent partner(s) and daily habits to incorporate into your business practices. Includes a live training webinar.

  2. Tips & Tricks For Mortgage Lenders Using kvCORE - informal course that includes interviews with Lenders currently using kvCORE.

If you have any questions on what else a particular user type can do within kvCORE, please contact Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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