Normally, Agent websites (sometimes called Agent subdomains) are automatically created upon being adding to a kvCORE account. Sometimes, however, there are cases where Agents do not need to have a website created and are added to an account without one initially.

If the need arises for a subdomain after the Agent has already been added, there is an easy way for Company, Office, and Team Admins to quickly generate a website for the Agent and have it automatically connected with their profile.

Generating a Subdomain

Generating the Agent's website can be done by any Admin level and the website should populate within 15 minutes of following the below steps.

1. Log into your kvCORE account.

2. Click on your email address in the top right.

3.Click 'Websites' from the drop-down that appears.

4. Click on the green "+ Add Website" button to the right.

5. Click on the 'Select' drop-down across from the "Team, Office or Agent" label and choose the entity that needs a website generated (in this case, the Agent's name).

TIP: Only entities that do not currently have a website generated for them will appear in the dropdown. If you do not see the Agent's name, they already have a website in your kvCORE account and you can search for it in the websites list displayed on that page.

5. In the 'subdomain' field across from the "Website Domain" label enter the desired subdomain. This is usually "firstnamelastname" or some combo of the Agent's name.

TIP: You will usually want to match this Agent's subdomain to the others in your websites list, but you do not have to if they have requested something different.

6. The dropdown to the right of the 'subdomain' field indicates which website this will be a subdomain of. Unless the rest of your Agent websites use a different base domain, you will want to select your Company's domain.

TIP: If you only have one Office in kvCORE, your Office and Company domains may be the same depending on how you initially set it up with your Implementation Rep. If you're unsure which main domain to use, please reach out to Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing

7. Click the green "Add Website" button in the bottom left corner.

For more information on adding Agents, click here.

Have more questions? Please reach out to Customer Support via the blue chat bubble to the right or by emailing!

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